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Solid state part 13
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Electric properties of Solids

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Shaillee Kaushal
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  1. XII 01 Solid State Part 13

  2. ELECTRIC PROPERTIES OF SOLIDS othe bass of electrical conductivity solids are divided into: o Conductors o Insulators o Semiconductors.

  3. METALLIC OR ELECTRONIC CONDUCTORS oMetals have free electrons and fixed kernels at their lattice sites Metals conduct electricity without undergoing any chemical change by the movement of electrons. o All metals come under this category.

  4. ELECTROLYTIC CODUCTORS o They conduct electricity by undergoing chemical o They conduct electricity due to migration of o The ionic conductors do not conduct electricity change ions. in the solid state because they have strong electrostatic forces of attraction. They conduct electricity either in the molten state or in aqueous state only, o Example - NaCl, KCl, , etc.

  5. o They do not allow the current to pass through them o Their conductivity in of the order of to o For example wood, sulphur, phosphorus etc.

  6. SEMI CONDUCTORS The conductivity lies between those of metallic conductors and insulators o Their conductivity is of the order of o The impurity of seminconductors is due to defects or impurities in solids