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Natural Vegetation-9(In Hindi)
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Natural Vegetation-9(In Hindi)

Manish kumar
Alumnus of MNNIT Allahabad.7 years of teaching experience.State PCS pre Qualified,Motivate and educate to change society

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  1. Natural Vegetation9 By Manish Singhal

  2. Alpine Forests .Alpine forest grow in an alpine climate at high elevation and above the tree line. These include perennial grasses sedges, forbs, sses and lichens. . Altitudes ranging between 2900 to 3500m. These forests can be divided into- (1) sub-alpine (2) moist alpine scrub and (3) dry alpine scrub.

  3. Characteristics The sub-alpine forests occur lower alpine scrub and grasslands. It is a mixture of coniferous and broad-leaved trees. Coniferous trees attain a height of about 30 m while the broad leaved trees reach only 10 m. important species- Fir spruce rhododendron, etc.

  4. . The moist alpine scrub is a low evergreen dense growth of rhododendron, birch etc. which found from 3,000 m and extends up to snowline. The dry alpine scrub is the uppermost limit of scrub xerophytes, dwarf shrubs over 3,500 m above sea level They found in dry zone.

  5. Important questions from UPSC exam Q.1. Which of the following is/are regions of Tropical forest and mangroves? 1. Western Ghats 2. West Bengal Select the correct answer from the following codes A. Only 2 c. Only 1 b. 1 and 2 d. Neither 1 Nor 2

  6. Q.2 Consider the following statements 1. Natural vegetation depends on variation in climate alone. 2. Tropical evergreen forest are found in eastern slopes of western ghats. Select the correct answer from the following codes a. Only 1 b. Only 2 c. Both 1 and 2 D. Neither 1 nor 2 Q.3 Which one of the following regions of India has a combination of mangrove forest, evergreen forest and deciduous forest? a North Coastal Andhra Pradesh b South-West Bengal c Southern Saurashtra D Andaman and Nicobar Islands

  7. Q.4 Which of the following is/are features of tropical evergreen forest? 1. Annual precipitation of over 200 cm 2. No definite time for trees to flowering 3. Absence of stratification Select the correct answer from the following codes a. Only 1 B. Only 1 and 2 d. c. Only 2 and 3 1,2 and 3 Q.5 In India, in which one of the following types of forests is teak a dominant tree species? A Tropical moist deciduous forest b Tropical rain forest c Tropical thorn scrub forest d Temperate forest with grasslands

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