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Natural Vegetation-6(In Hindi)
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Natural Vegetation-6(In Hindi)

Manish kumar
Alumnus of MNNIT Allahabad.7 years of teaching experience.State PCS pre Qualified,Motivate and educate to change society

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Keep it up. Nice course.
  1. Natural Vegetation6 By Manish Kumar

  2. Tropical Dry Evergreen Forests Climatic Conditions Annual rainfall of 100 cm . mostly from the north-east monsoon in October to December. Average annual temperature is about 28 C. The mean humidity is about 75 per cent. The growth of evergreen forests in areas of such low rainfall is a bit strange.

  3. Characteristics . Short statured trees, up to 12 m high, with complete canopy. Bamboos and grasses not conspicuous. The important species are jamun, tamarind, neem, etc. Most of the land under these forests has beern cleared for agriculture or casuarina plantations.

  4. Distribution and . Casuarina(sheoak ) is one of the best firewood in the world . It is most popular in the states- Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Odisha, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka. . Also found along the coasts of Tamil Nadu.

  5. Benefits Reduces damage in the event of natural . Line planting in the coastal areas helps in . It is also used for tourism promotion in view of . It provides top quality firewood calamities. controlling the wind force. its ornamental appearance. The wood is suitable for paper pulp and useful raw material for the manufacture of paper for

  6. Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests Climatic Conditions and Characteristics Annual rainfall is 100-150 cm. These are similar to moist deciduous forests and shed their leaves in dry season The major difference is that they can grow in areas of comparatively less rainfall. They represent a transitional type - moist deciduous on the wetfer side and thorn forests n the drier side. They have closed but uneven canopy. .The forests are composed of a mixture of a few species of deciduous trees rising up to a height of 20 m. Undergrowth: Enough light reaches the ground to permit the growth of grass and climbers.

  7. Distribution They occur in an irregular wide strip running from the foot of the Himalayas to Kanniyakumari except in Rajasthan, Western Ghats and West Bengal. The important species are teak, axle wood, rosewood, common bamboo, red sanders, laurel, satinwood, etc . Large tracts of this forest have been cleared for agricultural purposes. These forests have suffer from over grazing, fire, etc.

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