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Natural Vegetation-4(In Hindi)
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Natural Vegetation-4(In Hindi)

Manish kumar
Alumnus of MNNIT Allahabad.7 years of teaching experience.State PCS pre Qualified,Motivate and educate to change society

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  1. Natural Vegetation-4 nATURAL VEGETOTIO By Manish Kumar

  2. Tropical Semi-Evergreen Forests They are transitional forests between tropical wet evergreen forests and tropical deciduous forests. They are comparatively drier areas compared to tropical wet evergreen forests. These forests are fifth largest in India about 4%

  3. Climatic Conditions Annual rainfall is 200-250 cm . Mean annual temperature varies from 24 C to 27 C The relative humidity is about 75% . The dry season is not short like in tropical evergreen forests.

  4. Distribution . Western coast . Assam . Lower slopes of the Eastern Himalayas Odisha Andaman

  5. Characteristics . The semi-evergreen forests are less dense. They are more gregarious [living in colonies more pure stands] than the wet evergreen forests, . These forests are characterized by many Species Trees usually have buttressed trunks with abundant epiphytes.

  6. Wood The important species in Western Ghats- laurel, osewood, mesua, thorny bamboo etc

  7. . In Himalayan Region white cedar, Indian chestnut, champa, mango etc Similar to that in tropical evergreen forests except that these forests are less dense with more pure stands (timber industry here is better than in evergreen forests).

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