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Naturan Vegetation-3(In Hindi)
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Natural Vegetation-3(In Hindi)

Manish kumar
Alumnus of MNNIT Allahabad.7 years of teaching experience.State PCS pre Qualified,Motivate and educate to change society

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  1. Natural Vegetation3 nTuRn ATURAU VEGETATIOn By Manish Kumar

  2. Tropical Moist Wet Evergreen Forests or Rain Forests Climatic Conditions Annual rainfall More than 250 cm The annual temperature is about 25 -27 C The average annual humidity more than 77%. The dry season is clearly short.

  3. Characteristics Evergreen- Due to high heat and high humidity, the trees of these forests do not shed their leaves together. . Mesophyte - Plants adopted to neither too dry nor too wet type climate. Lofty- The trees often reach 45m to 60m in height.

  4. Thick Canopy- They appears like a thick canopy, Canopy break by large rivers or cleared for cultivation. All plants struggle upwards (most epiphytes) for sunlight resulting in a peculiar layer arrangement. They looks like a green carpet when viewed from above.

  5. . Less undergrowth-The sun light cannot reach the ground due to thick canopy. Ihe undergrowth is formed mainly of bamboos, ferns, climbers, orchids, etc. Distribution It mainly found in the Western side of the Western Ghats (500 to1370m) which is characterize by good rainfall( more than 250cm)

  6. Distribution Some regions in the Purvanchal hills. In the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. North Andaman's is characterized by the wet evergreen type, with plenty of woody climbers

  7. Wood Timber is main hardwood in these forests. The timber found here is fine-grained, hard and durable. The important species of these forests in Western Ghats mesua, white cedar, calophyllum, toon, dhup, palaquium hopea, jamun, canes, etc.

  8. ' Gurjan, chaplasha, jamun, mesua, agar, muli, bamboo etc. in the Himalayan region. commercial species theyhave not ben properly . Although these forests contain valuable exploited due to dense undergrowth, absence of pure stands and lack of transport facilities.

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