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Mcq 9(in Hindi)
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  1. 41. Video is combination of (a) Television (b)Communication (c) Computer technology (d)All of the above

  2. 42. Communication between computers is almost always- (a)Serial (b)Parallel (c) Series parallel (d)Direct

  3. 43. Error detection at a data link level is achieve (a)Bit stuffing (b)Hamming code:s (c) Cyclic redundancy code (d)Equalization d by-

  4. 44. The linking of computers witha communication system is called- (a)Networking (b)Pairing (c) Interfacing (d)Assembling

  5. 45. The Information System (IS) department- (a)Supports organization's information systems and also (b)The IS department provide technical support for support organization's overall mission hardware and software, but may be involved in the design and implementation of organization's entire information system (c) IS professionals also ensure that systems generate all appropriate types of information and reports required by the organization's manger and workers (d)All of the above

  6. 46. Programming language- (a)In a higher level language that machine code for writing programme (b)Use a variety of basic English (c) Both (a) and (b) (d)None of the above

  7. 47. Low level languages- (a)Are machine dependent, i.e., they are designed to run (b)Are also easier to learn and are not dependent on a (c) Need interpreter or complier to convert into low level (d)All of the above on a particular computer and in the form of o's and l's particular type of computer language so that computer can understand

  8. 48. The word Telematics is a combination of- (a)Computer (b)Telecommunication (c) Informatics (d)Both (b) and (c)

  9. 49. The application layer of network- (a)Establishes, maintains, and terminates virtual circuits (b)Defines the user's port into the network (c) Consists of software being run on the computer connected to the network (d)All of the above

  10. 50. What was the first Network that was made available? (a)DECNet (b)Novell Netware (c)lBMm Token Ring (d)lBN PC Network