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Mcq 14(in Hindi)
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  1. 61. In the graphical model of linear programming the region defined by the constraints and the nonnegative restrictions is the- (a)Objective function (b)Non-negativity restrictions (c) Feasible solution region (d)Constraints (e)None of these

  2. 62. A model in which one physical property is used to represent another physical property is known as (a)Analog model (b)Deterministic model (c) Iconic model (d)Decision theory model (e)None of the above

  3. 63. Inventory lead time can be broken into- (a)Review, order manufacturing or purchasing and receiving (b)Oder Receiving (c) All of the above (d)None of the above

  4. 64. All mathematical models generally comprise which of the following types of variables? (a)Dependent variables (b)Uncontrollable variables (c) Decision variables (d)All of the above (e) None of the above

  5. 65. Changing oil is an automobile is an example of- (a) Preventative maintenance (b)Scheduled maintenance (c) Both (a) and (b) (d) Neither (a) nor (b) (e) None of the above

  6. 66. The file created yesterday is called that- (a)"Son" file (b)"Father file" (c)"Grandfather file" (d)"Mother file (e) None of the above

  7. 67. Inventory is also referred to as- (a)Stock (b)Warehouse capacity (c) Materials in hand (d)Materials (e) None of the above

  8. 68. The common practice is to maintain (a)One generation of data files (b)Two generations of two files (c) Three generations of two files (d)Batch processing (e)None of the above

  9. 69. Changes to the data base are made only with (a)Proper individual passwords (b)Proper departmental security codes (c) Both (a) and (b) (d)Neither (a) nor (b) (e)None of the above

  10. 70. The post installation audit seeks to assure that- (a)The system is accurate and secure (b)Managers information needs are being met (c) Both (a) and (b) (d)Neither (a) nor (b) (e)None of the above