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Mcq 17(in Hindi)
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Alisha Mahajan
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Alisha Mahajan
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  1. 81. MFC's document view architectire (a)Documents and Views (b)Document templates (c) Documents/View frames (d)View templates is not a component of

  2. 82. C Document can support- (a)COM interfaces (b)XML linking (c) OLE automation (d)All of the above

  3. 83. MFC's View class is derived from (a)C DVA (b)C cmd Source (c) C Wnd All (d)C cmd Target

  4. 84. Example of SDI Application is- (a)MSPAINT (b)MS Excel (c) Wordpad (d)MS Word Excel

  5. 85. Example of MDI application is- (a)MS Excel (b)Quattro Pro (c) WordPad (d)Both (a) and (b)

  6. 86. Data base preparation would be most difficult in a(n) (a)Supermarket (b)College or university (c)Hospital (d)Bank (e)None of the above

  7. 87. A certain city uses a computer system as part of its taxation of real estate. Which one of the following tasks would be the computer be least able to do? (a)Decide how much money should be raised through real estate taxes (b)Compute tax due for each property owner each quarter (c) Keep records of tax rates that apply to different kinds of real estate (d)Keep records of all assessment (e)Record and credit tax payments received from property owners