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Alisha Mahajan is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Alisha Mahajan
•Prof. at Khalsa college •VERIFIED Unacademy EDUCATOR •YouTube channel - ALISHA Academy l •Follow your passion, not what the majority is

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Is really that space availability that makes it capable of caring humans with minor design change or more fuel that is available is more because more fuel in same space.
Thanks mam, I really like the way you teach 👌👌👍👍👍
Alisha Mahajan
8 months ago
  1. 91. The relationship between the computer and quantitative techniques can be said to a- (a)Syntactical one (b)Synergistic one (c) Symbiotic one (d)Synthetic one (e)None of the above

  2. 92. The computer is a part of the firm's- (a)Physical system (b)Conceptual system (c) Both (a) and (b) (d)Neither (a) or (b) (e)None of the above

  3. 93. A popular techniques for forecasting is- (a)Linear programming (b)Repression analysis (c) Correlation analysis (d)Monte Carlo (e)None of the

  4. 94. Econometric models include techniques from (a)Economics (b)Mathematics (c) Statistics (d)All of these (e) None of the above

  5. 95. Which structure is used for actual message map? (a)AFX MSGMAP ENTRY (b)AFX MSGMAP (c) AFX MSGMAP EXIT (d)None of the above

  6. 96. dialog class (a)C Color Dialog (b)C Print File (c)C File Dialog (d)None of these is not an MFC commor

  7. 97. Status bar is a control bar with (a)Multiple Pane (b)Multiple Buttoms (c) Multiple Menus (d)None of these

  8. 98. When a data is linked in OLE, data is stored in- (a)A separate file (b)All of the above (c) In linked file itself (d)None of the above

  9. 99._is/are a part of OLE growth curve (a)ActiveX (b)OLE Controls (c) Direct X (d)All of these

  10. 100. Toolbar displays- (a)One single Menu item (b)Collection of buttons (c) Collection of Menu item (d)None of the above