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Mcq 2(in Hindi)
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Alisha Mahajan
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very nice effort.Keep it up mam
  1. 1. Data- (a)can be de ned as tact, observat on, assumpt on or occurrence and is plural of "datum (b)In general refers to raw facts gathered from different (c) Denotes say or all facts, numbers, letters, symbols etc (d)All of the above sources that can be processed or manipulated by a computer

  2. 2. Data and Information is (a)Often used interchangeably (b)Not used interchangeably (c) Not used by people to make decision (d)None of the above

  3. 3. Logical data refers (a)To the way in which the data are recorded on the (b)In general refers to processed facts gathered from (c) Can be defined as fact, observation, assumption or (d)None of the above storage medium different sources occurrence and is a plural of "datum"

  4. 4. Data item (a)ls a basic or individual element of data (b)ls identified by a name and is assigned a value (c) Is something referred to as a field (d)All of the above

  5. 5. Smallest addressable unit in computer is- (a)Byte (b)FM (c) TPM (d)None of these

  6. 6. File- (a)ls a collection of related records (b)ls a automated processing system (c)TDM (d)None of the above

  7. 7. Which of the following performs modulation and demodulation? (a)Fiber optic (b)Datellite (c) Coasial cable (d)Modem

  8. 8. A local area network- (a)That connects thirty personal computers can provide more computing power than a mini-computer (b)Cannot become bogged down like mainframe would if the load is too higlh (c) Both (a) and (b) (d)All of the above

  9. 9. Which class of the software packages allows people to send electronic mail along a network of computer and workstations? (a)Memory resident package (b)Project management package (c) Data communication package (d)Electronic mail package

  10. 10. We can receive data either through our television aerial or down our telephone lines and display this data on our television screen. What is the general name of this purpose? (a)View data (b)Teletext (c) Tele software (d)Video text