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Mcq 11(in Hindi)
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Alisha Mahajan
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  1. 51. What does the acronym ISDN stand for? (a)Indian Standard Digital Network (b)Integrated Services Digital Network (c) Intelligent Services Digital Network (d)Integrated Services Data Netwrok

  2. 52. Internet is- (a)A network run by the US Government (b)A network run by the United Nations Organisation (c) A loose network not owned by anybody but used by all universities and governments around the globe (d)A commercial information service run by Ziff Davis Co., in US

  3. 53. What is the name of the device that connects two computers by means of a telephone line? (a)Tape (b)Modenm (c) Bus (d)Cable

  4. 54. Information (a)ls the summarization of data (b)Implies data that is organized and is meaningful to the person who is receiving it (c) Should be meaningful, brief, accurate and help us to our knowledge and decision making (d)All of the above

  5. 55. E cash can be payments (a)Useful (b)Uneconomical (c)Economical (d)Effective for micro

  6. 56. E-Business is integration Web with (a)Governance (b)IT (c) Telecommunication (d)Media

  7. 57. While using e-cash, a customers digital signature is done by using- (a)Customer Public Key (b)Vendor's Public Key (c)Bank's Private Key (d)None of the above

  8. 58. A constraint that does not effect the feasible solution region is known as (a)Redundant constraint (b)Surplus variable (c) Slack variable (d)Unbounded solution (e) None of the above

  9. 59. General ledger is also referred to as (a)Extra ledger (b)Main ledger (c) Nominal ledger (d)All of these (e) None of the above

  10. 60. Benefits from a computerised MIS include- (a)Less frequent and smaller short-term loans (b)Higher returns on short-term investments (c) Lower rates of interest (d)All of the above (e) None of the above