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  1. 31. All the parts in a computer talk to each other by sending- (a)Digital signal (b)Analog signals (c) Dmoothly varying signal waves (d)Both (b) and (c)

  2. 32. What is going 'online'? (a)Buying a MODEM and connecting it to your computer (b)Getting a PTI or REUTERS news wire connection (c) Connecting your computer to a LAN (d)Getting access to the various commercial and other information services over the dial-up lines or l-Net connection

  3. 33. Which of the following is an important characteristic of LAN? (a)Application independent interfaces (b)Unlimited expansion (c) Low cost access for bandwidth channels (d)None of the above

  4. 34. High level languages- (a)Are English type languages where a singles statement may correspond to several instructions in machine (b)Are also easier to learn and are not dependent on a (c) Need interpreter or complier to convert into low level (d)All of the above anguage and humans being can understand easilyy particular type of computer language so that computer can understand

  5. 35. Pipelining- (a)In a technique that enable a processor to execute more instructions in a given time (b)The control unit begins executing a new instruction before the current instruction is completed (c) Both (a) and (b) (d)None of the above

  6. 36. Ports- (a)External devices such as a keyboard, monitor, printer, mouse and microphone are often attached by a cable to the system unit through the interface (b)Point of attachment to the system unit is called a port. Most of the time ports are located on the back of the system unit, but they also can be placed on the front (c) (a) or (b) (d)None of the above

  7. 37. Application software- (a)Any computer programme used to create or process data such as text documents, spread sheets, graphics (b)Programmes to operate only mouse functions (c)A type of programme designed to handle very small instruction sets (d)None of the above

  8. 38. Desktop Publishing programme- (a)Belongs to Application software (b)Used to liberate individuals in computing (c)A type of programme designed to handle very small instruction sets (d)None of the above

  9. 39. ASC (a)ls 7 bit binary code (b)Developed by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) (c) Represent symbolic, numeric, and alphanumerical characters (d)All of the above

  10. 40. Working of WAN generally involves- (a)Telephone lines (b)Microwaves (c) Satellites (d)All of these