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Mcq 5(in Hindi)
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Unacademy user
Dear Sir, Is there any other method to solve problems if we do not want to apply Chinese remainder theoram...?!!
Akash Singh
a year ago
apply the basic method, but it will take time.
Shivam Trivedi
a year ago
Can you please explain by solving it using basic method. thank you.
Thank you So much Mam
  1. 11. The economics of computing data is- (a)Sharing peripherals and (b)Giving processors to processing time (c) Both (a) and (b) (d)None of the above

  2. 12. Assembler- (a)ls a computer programme that converts assembly (b)Developed by American National Standards Institute (c) Represent symbolic, numeric and alphanumeric (d)All of the above language instructions into machine language (ANSI) characters, voice

  3. 13. ATM (a)Stands for Asynchronous Transfer Mode (b)ls a network protocol designed to send voice, video and data transmission over a single network (c) Provides different kinds of connections and bandwidth on demand, depending on the type of data being transmitted (d)All of the above

  4. 14. Backup means- (a)To create a duplicate set of programme or data files in case the originals become damaged (b)Provides different kinds of connections and bandwidth in computers (c) The type of data transmission (d)None of the above

  5. 15. Computers are now used to- (a)Restaurants, automobile companies (b)Offices and homes (c) Research areas (d)All of the above

  6. 16. ERNET is used to connect computers at- (a)Indian Institute of Technology (b)Indian Institute of Science (c) National Centre for Software Technology (d)All of the above

  7. 17. Full form of OSI is- (a)Open System Interconnect (b)Open Software for Internet (c) Operational System for Interconnect (d)Operational Software for Internet (e)None of the above

  8. is a data conversion device that permits end uses devices; e.g., terminals to access a packet switched network. (a)Modern (b)Packet assembler/dissembler (PAD) (c) MICR (d)hub

  9. 19. In Moderns- (a)Digital signals are amplified (b)Several digital signals are multiplexed (c) AC is converted to DC (d)None of the above

  10. 20. A modern performs the function of- (a)Modulating binary data for voice line transmission (b)Demoulding the transmitted data for computer processing (c) Multiplexing of several signals (d)Only (a) and (b)

  11. 22. In VSAT network, inroute transmission uses- (a)TDMA (b)FDMA (c)TDM (d)Only (a) and (b)

  12. 24. Full form of FDMA is (a)Frequency Division Multiple Access (b)Financial Data Multiple Access (c) Financial Data Multiple Act (d)Fund Division Multiple Access

  13. 27. Full form is ERNET is- (a)England's Remote Network (b)Engineering and Research Network (c) Educational and Research Network (d)None of the above

  14. 28. Which of the following items is not used in Local Area Networks (LANS)? (a)Computer (b)Modem (c) Printer (d)Cable

  15. 29. During networking, the processor of the CPU asking each terminal whether it wants to send a message is called (a)Querying (b)Sharing (c) Communicating (d)Polling

  16. 30. Who invented the modem? (a)Wang Laboratories Ltd (b)AT & T Information System, USA (c) Apple Computers Inc (d)Digital Equipment Corp.