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Lesson 6-Democratic rights-part3(in Hindi)
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The lesson deals about fundamental rights

Sakshi Mittal
passionate teacher, avid learner, two years of teaching experience, want to spread education and impact millions of lives

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  1. Right to Constitutional Remedies: This is the right that makes all rights effective. away, he/she can seek remedy through courts. Dr. Ambedkar called this right as the 'heart and soul If a citizen's fundamental rights are violated or taken of our constitution

  2. National Humarn Rights Commission

  3. It is an independent organisation established in 1993.lts main work is to focus on human rights and help the victims, whose rights are violated

  4. Expanding Scope of Rights The Constitution offers scope to expand the Fundamental Rights. Examples: -) School education has become a right for Indian citizens. (ii) Right to property is a legal right (ii) Right to seek information from government offices. (iv) Right to vote in elections. (v) Supreme court has expanded the meaning off the right to life to include the right to food.

  5. International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

  6. This international covenant recognizes many rights. Examples Right to work - Right to safe and healthy environment Right to adequate standard of living Right to social security and insurance Right to health and medical care, etc

  7. The South African Constitution Guarantees Right to privacy, Adequate housing, Right to access to health care, Sufficient food and water.