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Lesson-5 MSS Bond and Kiosk Banking
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MSS Bond and Kiosk Banking

Rishi Jain
MBA,PGDFM Author of Bhavishya Arthik Patrika(for Civil Services), worked in SBI group for 7 years, teaching indian economy to UPSC student

Unacademy user
Content achha h.. Vedio helpful h..lekin jo marker ya pen h too disturbing.. Confused kr diya
Hello sir, I have a question 1. MSS bond bank liquidity reduce krne ke liye hoti h, to govt kyu cash deposit kregi? 2. Agr government cash deposit krti h to wo cash amount govt kaha se layegi, coz government security already kam h, wo to market se liquidity utne amount me absorb nhi kr sakti jitna krna h? Please resolve my doubt sir.
Rishi Jain
2 years ago
agar govt security me utna money ni rakhti he to what is the gurantee of MSS bond if it acts like all other govt securities
Rishi Jain
2 years ago
2.govt security kam he rbi ke pass tabhi mss bond use hota he.... again RBI uses the gurantee for this security tbrough govt deposit
Ravi Gupta
2 years ago
Thanks sir....😊👍
sir ik bar dobara bta do 2006 me SBI ne shuru kiya ya bank of india ne??

  2. MARKET STABILIZATION SCHEME BOND First time in 2004 when dollar has increased Issued by RBI v When government securities are les:s Its like government securities TENURE-6 MONTHS y To reduce liquidity in Bank It provides interest It is sold through auction Can be tradable in secondary market It does not increase fiscal deficit Govt must keep cash as equal amount

  3. Consider the following statement about Market Stablization Scheme(MSS Bond) 1. It increases liquidity in the market. 2. Its tenure must be more than 6 months 3. It can used as SLR securities by Bank for MSF lending Which of the above statement is/are incorrect? a. Only 2 b. 1,2 and 3 c. only 3 d. 1 and 2

  4. KIOSK BANKING Promotes financial inclusion V Basically developed in rural areas where less number of banks are there Functions as a booth,stand and counter Functions as a b V All banking functions can be done easily It makes meeting point of customer and bank V Basic banking service-cash deposit,withdrawl,and micro credit,insurance And draft services

  5. Recently Kiosk Banking is generally mentioned in the newspaper. Consider the following statement newspaper. ier the folowing 1. It is used in rural area to provide micro credit. 2. It is used as booth in rural to promote financial inclusion 3. It provides both deposit and credit facilities in rural areas Which of the above statement is/are correct? a. Only 2 b. 1,2 and 3 c. 1 and 3 d. 1 and 2