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Lesson-13 India's'Forex' and its component...last ten year trend and Economic Survey-2017-18
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Important for IAS pre-2108 : FOREX and Economic survey 2017-18

Rishi Jain
MBA,PGDFM Author of Bhavishya Arthik Patrika(for Civil Services), worked in SBI group for 7 years, teaching indian economy to UPSC student

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sir dollar to two times count ho in foreign currency another in SDR?
Really great teacher. the method of teaching is awesome . thankyou sir
🤣🤣😁vidya kasam.... sir Aapne bachpan ki Yaad dila di.Great effort, waiting for further lesson.
Really a great teacher vidya kasam
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  2. Components of Forex reserve in India -Foreign Currency (Dollar)-75% . Gold Reserve with IMF SDR

  3. Forex in India 294 2006-07199.2 2007-08-309.7 2008-09 252,0 2009-10 -279 2010-11-304 2011-12 2012-13292 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 350 2016-17 2017-18 400 304 341 365

  4. ECONOMIC SURVEY 2017-18 Reason why india's FOREX continuously increasing: 1. Increase in Foreign Investment(FDI and FPI) in India 2. Due to valuation effect of Dollar

  5. To cover Foreign Debt, India's FOREX has been increased from 78% to now 80% of Foreign Debt.

  6. Consider the following statement about FOREX in india: 1. India's FOREX has been continuously increasing since last five years 2. India's FOREX at present sufficient to be able to discharge 80% of Foreign Debt. Which of the above statement is/are correct a. only1 b. only 2 c. 1 and 2 d. none of the above

  7. Q. Which one of the following groups of items is included in India's foregin - exchange reserves? a. Foreign-currency assets, Special Drawing Rights ( SDRs) and loans from foreign countries b. Foreign-currency assets, gold holdings of the RBI & SDRs. c. Foreign-currency assets, loans from the World Bank and SDRs. d. Foreign-currency assets, gold holdings of the RBI and loans from the World Bank