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Lesson-1 Types of Monetary Policy -Dear and Cheap and RBI Credit Control
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RBI part-1 Cheap and Dear Money policy and RBI credit control

Rishi Jain
MBA,PGDFM Author of Bhavishya Arthik Patrika(for Civil Services), worked in SBI group for 7 years, teaching indian economy to UPSC student

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sir good black board but questions athraa clear allaa ligh green and light yellow Akumbol kurachudee focus cheyandaa varunnuu, overall good thank u
sir mai offline class lena chata hu
thank you so much sir
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  1. ft XT tf (Cheap Money Policy) eft RAT tfa (Dear Money Policy) RBl Monetary Policy Cheap Money (Dove) Dear Money (Hawk)

  2. fo-C2013 An increase in the bank rate generally indicates that the a. Market rate of Interest is likely to fall b. Central Bank is no longer making loans to commercial banks. c. Central Bank is following an easy money policy. d. Central Bank is following a tight money policy.

  3. Buy Salo CRR SLR Ropo RovOrso Ropo LAF MSF RBI Credit Control Quantitative Qualitative Selective Credit Control Open Market Operation Variable Reserve System Bank Rate Rationing of credit Moral Suaison Direct Action SLR Buy Sale CRR Reverse Repo Repo MSF LAF

  4. (b)2, 3 3 4 With reference to Indian Economy, consider the following: 1. Bank Rate 3. Public debt 2. Open market operations 4. Public Revenue Which of the above is/are component(s) of Monetary Policy? a. Only 1 b. 2,3 & 4 c. 1& 2 d. 1, 3 & 4