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Lesson-20 E- KYC and Virtual Adhar number most important topic for PT-2018
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E-KYC, C-KYC, UIDAI and Virtual Adhar card

Rishi Jain
MBA,PGDFM Author of Bhavishya Arthik Patrika(for Civil Services), worked in SBI group for 7 years, teaching indian economy to UPSC student

Unacademy user
virtual Id is generated for aadhaar number associated..then without aadhaar how can we consider opening of bank account through virtual I'd?
Sir please make course for mains as well sir
u make economy sooo simple
  1. Virtual ID in Aadhar Card

  2. KYC (Know Your Customer)

  3. DOCUMENT Photo .PAN Card Copy Address Proof (Aadhar Card) 1 2


  5. E-KYC (ELECTRONIC KYC) eInvestor who does not have e Maximum Investment limit in a year-Rs 50,000 Aadhar Card is mandatory. Through Internet/Online.

  6. C-KYC (Centralized KYC) PAN Card required. Investment more than Rs 50,000. Mother's Name.

  7. Aadhar Card Establishment- 28th Jan 2009 Headquarter - New Delhi .Chairman Vijay Madan

  8. Virtual ID #16 Digit *Temporary To prevent misuse of Aadhar Card

  9. Q. Consider the following statement. 1.E-KYC is used to invest more than Rs 50,000 in mutual fund. 2.For E-KYC, PAN Card is mandatory. Which of the following statement islare correct? a.Only 1 b.Only 2 c.1 & 2 d.Neither 1 nor 2

  10. Q. Consider the following statement. 1.Virtual ID in Aadhar Card will promote financial inclusion in the country. 2.Virtual ID will be temporary ID of 15 digit. Which of the above statement islare correct? a.Only 1 b.Only 2 c.1 & 2 d.Neither 1 nor 2