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Introduction to Pre-historic Era (for UPSC CSE)
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In this lesson, Agam has given the comprehensive introduction of pre - historic era. As the lesson begins Vimal explains briefly about the stone age. Then he speaks about the Paleolithic Period. He then discusses the features of the mesolithic period. Next, he takes up neolithic period and explains about it. Lastly, he explains how the questions might be framed under all these discussed topic in UPSC CSE. ​

Agam jain
AIR 133 in UPSC CSE 2015. Also pursued B.Tech. in Electronics & Chemical Engineering. Loves to play music and read books.

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nice explanation. basic clear thank you mam
सर् मॉर्डन हिस्ट्री के लिए हिंदी में वीडियो बनाइये प्लीज
sir could you make me to correct myself that community life started in Mesolithic period obviously it means farming started from that period but agriculture started in Neolithic period this what it is correct sir? awesome work sir again.....
sir plz make videos on medieval and modern history of as well so that we get a complete overview of Indian history
thanks a lot sir for such a nice explain in these concepts .... thanks

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  3. STONE AGE- Paleolithic period- 2mn years be- 1 > Paleolithic period- 2mn years bc- 10k years bc > Mesolithic period- 10k-7k years bc Mesolithic period- 10k-7k years be >Neolithic period- 7k-2800 years bc

  4. PALEOLITHIC PERIOD > Human evolution took place. Small population, no community life, lived in caves. > Depended upon hunting and food gathering.

  5. Basic and unrefined tools were used. (axe, chopper etc.) > No religion followed Eg- narmada valley

  6. MESOLITHIC PERIOD No further drastic human evolution. Climate got warmer so population got increased, community life emerged huts domestication of animals, land clearing for animals. knowledge of fire, arrow heads, projectiles >Climate got warmer so population got increased, community life emerged.

  7. Mural paintings. (Bhimbetka, Lakhudiyar) A. various natural colors were used. B. Men, trees, animals etc C. Scenes of hunting, riding, dancing etc. D. Initially larger and basic paintings, later got,more refined. Ial nger and basic pintings liter got more refined.

  8. No religion as such but dead bodies buried properly. Eg- narmada valley.

  9. NEOLITHIC PERIOD Houses of sundry bricks. Agriculture started (rice, wheat, barley)->sedentary life->villages >Pottery for grain storage - gradually wheels for pottery making which evolved into carts Redefi ined and polished tools were used. Dead bodies buried properly. > mehrgarh (Baluchistan)

  10. QUESTIONS > Paintings and caves of mesolithic period. Paintings and caves of mesolithic period. Evolution Changes and continuitv