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Causes for Decline of Harappan Civilization (for UPSC CSE)
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In this lesson, Agam starts explaining about the religious life of folks during the Harappan Civilization. Then he describes the major causes which were involved in the decline of Harappan Civilization. The theories which incorporate the decline are also briefed. Then he summarises all the topics which were discussed so far about the Harappan Civilization. Lastly, he hints on how the questions might be framed on this topic in CSE by framing certain questions as examples.​

Agam jain
AIR 133 in UPSC CSE 2015. Also pursued B.Tech. in Electronics & Chemical Engineering. Loves to play music and read books.

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Superb explanation sir... Keep in touch with us.. Sir kindly make some courses in polity which is important for UPSC.
Abhishek Dass
2 years ago
yup...will make them
very very useful video thanku sir
Sir maximum English medium students jo sincerely Upsc ki preparation karna chahte hai vo Coaching join karte hai Kyuki they are in well financial conditions but most of the Hindi medium students jo Chah kar BHi Upsc ki Coaching join nahi kar pate hai even Upsc pre clear Karne ke baad BHi ve financial problems ke karan Upsc ki mains ki Coaching nahi kar paate hai.. so pllzzz Aap Hindi medium par focus Ko banaye rakhe Sir history ke sath sath other subjects par bhi Hindi medium topic Ko provide karaye Plzzz Plzz Sir Thnks Sir mujhe asha hai aap Hum log Hindi medium ke liye raambaan sidhh hoge... jai hind Sir
do i get them in english language ?
  1. Harappan Civilisation (Part 3) AGAM JAIN

  2. About Me: AIR 133 (UPSC CSE 2015) in Electronics and Communication Engineering Interests include Reading Books, Playing Music etc. Course Fee: Contribute Follow me on Unacademy at:

  3. Religious life . Practiced nature worship. (water, fire, peepal) . Animal worship (bull seal found) .Believed in gods, goddesses (female figurines found. Seal of proto Shiva)

  4. Continued... Believed in amulets.(amulets found) Used to do aarti sort of thing (black marks on figurines) Private affair (no public temple found) Burial practices say about their belief after death

  5. Continued... .Burial practice . Graveyards located away from habitation area (indicates civic sense) Various types of burial . Indicates difference between rich and poor

  6. Decline of civilisation Theory 1- decline due to foreign invasion . Literary references in Rigveda (Indra as purandar), fight against evil spirits .-Vedic Aryans entered around 150obc and civilization declined around 1750 bc

  7. Other Theories Due to flood (Mohenjodaro hit 7 times) Due to change in course of river. (Hakra-Ghaggar evidence at Kalibangan)

  8. Truth Behind Decline Various factors responsible due to its large extent Ecological imbalance. (agri surplus reduced->affected everything which followed) . Flooding, inundation, earthquake, change in course of river. elif . It failed to evolve with time, Couldn't learn superior tech from contemporary Mesopotamia.

  9. . But it was decline of urban phase only. .It survived in coastal regions of GJ and MH even during 1300 BC.

  10. Continuity . 1. Religion: Nature worship. Amulets Proto shiva and phallus worship

  11. Questions Comparison of urbanization Lessons to be learnt from civilization .Village life during civilization/ its impact ciVi . Draw civilization on the basis of sources found