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All You Need To Know about the Chalcolithic and Megalithic Period (for UPSC CSE)
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In this lesson, all the topics related to the chalcolithic and megalithic period. The chalcolithic period is of high importance and the cultural, social, religious and economic aspect of it are discussed by Agam. He also has shed light on the limitations. He then has briefed about the megalithic period and finally he has the framed certain questions of all the topics discussed in the lesson. These questions might be asked in UPSC CSE.

Agam jain
AIR 133 in UPSC CSE 2015. Also pursued B.Tech. in Electronics & Chemical Engineering. Loves to play music and read books.

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do the vedic age is not in ancient india syllabus for the upsc,as there is no video about it in between indus civilization and budhism?
thanks a lot sir I have a doubt could you please make it clear for the sake of get me understand my doubt sir as you defined various aspects of harrapan and megalithic age with their features are they sufficient to answering if we have cram well those key point and elaborate them accordingly to the asked question please sir ....reply me thanks
Nccccc study material sir

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  3. Chalcolithic period- Copper+stone -Nearly from 2800-700bc -Various cultures existed depending on the characteristics and area.

  4. Ahar culture (on river banas) Malwa culture (eg- navdatoli) Kaytha culture (kalisindh valley) Jorwe culture (daimabad) -

  5. Economic aspects Agriculture, domestication of animals Had knowledge of crop rotation, irrigation

  6. Religious aspects Female figure of clay, rare indication of male gods Burial practices Terracotta bull shows symbol of religious cult

  7. Social aspects- Large settlements surrounded by small suggests that larger dominating small Inequality suggested from the graveyards

  8. Why this period important- Knew art of smelting copper First to use painted pottery Founded first large village in peninsular india.

  9. Limitations Domesticated animals slaughtered and not milked Large burial of children suggests high infant mortality rate Rural background No art of writing known Didn't took advantage from the advanced indus people

  10. Megalithic period- (large stones)-1100-500bc Emerged in peninsular india. Evidences from graves covered with big stone boulders. Iron implements found Roman coins and pottery indicates indo-roman trade Eg- brahmagiri, maski (kt)