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Basic Features and the Theories Related to Harappan Civilization (for UPSC CSE)
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In this lesson, Agam starts introducing us to the Harappan civilization. Then he explains various theories which proves the existence of Harappan Civilization. He has then emphasized and stressed various vital points on theories of indigenous and gradual origin. Agam then shifts his focus on the geographical extension of Harappan Civilization. He has also listed the names of the cities which existed during that period. Lastly, he has described all the features of Harappan Civilization.

Agam jain
AIR 133 in UPSC CSE 2015. Also pursued B.Tech. in Electronics & Chemical Engineering. Loves to play music and read books.

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sir ,is it possible to make half sentence in active voice and half in passive??? in question 3of this video
Thank you so much...bahut achhe se samjhaya hai aapne.sir,history optional ho to aur kya cover karna hoga ?
Agam jain
3 years ago
For that, check my history optional strategy on Iasbaba.
Prakriti Anand
3 years ago
Thank you..
sir please history optionals ki answer writing bata do ,, how did u write answers ? if possible show us a answer ,, please let us know WHAT TO AVOID WHILE writing an history answer ,,, and PLEASE REPLY SIR , IF U GET ONE MORE CHANCE OF REWRITING YOUR HISTORY OPTIONAL PAPER WHAT ALL INNOVATION WOULD U DO IN THE ANSWER PAPER AND WHAT YOU WOULD SCRATCH ..... PLEASE PLEASE LET US KNOW !!! THANK YOU,, SORRY FOR PASTING ,, I JUST WANT U TO SEE THIS MESSAGE
Ajit Kumar
3 years ago
sir plz aap history optional pe ek lession banaiye na. booklist and prepare planing
Sir how can I got complete vedio of history of you in Hindi?
Mamta Bisht
2 years ago
SIr thank you for your explanation for ancient history...sir please upload history medieval summery i will be very thankful to you...
Sir aapne hindi medium exam diya tha? I wanted to know bcoz i am confuseed in which medium i should give ? Bcoz i want to take electrical sub as optional.and i was hindi medium student till 12th.pls sir reply me....
Sneh Kumar
2 years ago
same here ????
How to remember the names of sites and locate them in map
Sir i have mechanical engg optional and due to this i am focussing very less on history ,is i am correct or go for proper understanding?
Agam jain
3 years ago
Gs 1 me aata hai, better hai concepts samajh lo.
Tejas Kumar
3 years ago
Agam Sir for ies electronics and telecomm branch ...for material science topic suggest any good book and author name...plzzzz reply....
Sir, will it be possible to start a course specifically for History optional with weekly model questions and answers for practice?
  1. Harappan civilization Part 1 Agam Jain

  2. About Me: AIR 133 (UPSC CSE 2015) . in Electronics and Communication Engineering Interests include Reading Books, Playing Music etc. Course Fee: Contribute e. Follow me on Unacademy at:

  3. Harappan civilization - Also called Indus valley But civilization has extended far in all directions -

  4. Geographical extent- 45utkagendor in west iDanmabad in south Alamgirpur in east Manda in north

  5. Cities- Mohenjodaro (great bath) &Harappa Chanhudaro Lothal Kalibangan

  6. Various theories of origin exist: "Theory of foreign origin (MMesopotamian/ Sumerian) Theory of foreign origin (Mesopotamian/Sumerian) But not like that (differences in urban structure, seals, script) - Theory of Aryan origin eorv O . But not like that either (Aryans lived in village)

  7. Theory of indigenous and gradual origin - Gradual transformation since 3500 bc. Initial communities of mehrgarh etc moved near fertile lands of indus . Chalcolithic phase helped in urbanization

  8. Features of civilization Indigenous Urban Presence of urban institutions like modern times (citadel found) Literate (script found) Evolved society (means of entertainment like toys, chess found) *Evolved society (means of entertainment like toys, chess found)

  9. Continued... Utilitarian outlook Materialistic outlook (trade and commerce flourished) Extensive area covered Advanced water management system.

  10. Continued... Multiclass (artisans, craftsmen, traders, merchants) Multiethnic (dravidians, proto austro!oids) No iron, bronze age No iron, bronze age Presence of centralized admin (uniform town planning, brick size, common standard for weights/measures)