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GATE 2018 Set 2
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Lohit Kumar Yadav
IRSME. Graduated in Mechanical engineering. Secured AIR 1 in ESE 2017. Believes in Quality Education for all.

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  1. GATE 2018- Set 2 By: Lohit K Yadav

  2. A vehicle powered by a spark ignition engine follows air standard Otto cycle The engine generates 7okW while consuming 10.3kg/hr of fuel. The calorific value of fuel is 44,0o0k]/kg. The compression ratio is (correct to two decimal places).

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  5. Steam in the condenser of a thermal power plant is to be condensed at a temperature of 300 C with cooling water which enters the tubes of the condenser at 14 C and exits at 22 C. The total surface area of the tubes is 50 m2, and the overall heat transfer coefficient is 2000 W/m2 K The heat transfer (in MW) to the condenser is two decimal places) S(correct to

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  8. Air is held inside a non insulated cylinder using a piston (mass M-25kg and area A 100 cm2) and stoppers (of negligible area), as shown in the figure. The initial pressure Pi and temperature Ti of air inside the cylinder are 200kPa and 400 C, respectively. The ambient pressure P and temperature T are 100kPa and 2 c respectivel The temperature of the air inside the cylinder ( C) at which the piston will begin to move is (correct to two decimal places) P.-100kPa ,-27C M-25kg A-100cm AIR g-10m/s P 200kPa T 400PC

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