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GATE 2016 set 3
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Lohit Kumar Yadav
IRSME. Graduated in Mechanical engineering. Secured AIR 1 in ESE 2017. Believes in Quality Education for all.

Unacademy user
I think I'm most confuse girl in the world,seriously!whenever I take any decision,100 qustn were cme in my mind and after taking decision I usually started thinking that oh how could I take such decision,it might be wrong,what people will think about me bla bla....and at last I totally loose my confidence I'm giving one example that is related to my life. I was enrolled in phd (2013)in jnu in life science department,but I was not ready to do phd but due to family pressure I had to go,after 1 year I quit phd although I tried to live there but not succeeded. I remember at every morning I felt what I'm doing here this is not my life, I feel like weeping alone extremely weak. Still my condition is same still I afraid whenever such situation come .I don't knw how to overcome with such situation? Please guide me,I really need help.
Thanks a ton Mr Vivek S ,I will definitely apply above method. Currently I'm teaching in degree college and doing preparation for IAS n 1st time I will appear in this exam.
Vivek .S
2 years ago
Always welcome .
Awdhesh Singh
2 years ago
You must spend sometime with yourself and find out what you want MOST in your life and what you can capable of achieving it. Then you move forward with full confidence and don;t change your decisions too frequently.
right sir, thank you so much for replying and giving me your precious time for solving my problem.
Dhaval Vekariya
2 years ago
thank to make ethics video , really your thought is deeply in ethics and i think may share you knowledge which is available in you because your lesson help us in upsc and also personal life
Swati Rai
2 years ago
i too had the similar problem of not being able to take decisions, even got struck in what to eat, what to wear, colours to choose and so on. But then I made situation simpler by just telling myself that food, dresses are not so important. It won't effect your life much, but your career, which field you want to choose, that will effect you in future and till the end, and by limiting the situations where I used to put unnecessary energy, now things has become simpler and easier. Still long way to go. Still learning. Thank you for making these ethics video. These things are important in your life but are never taught. Thank you so much sir.
  1. GATE 2016- Set 3 By: Lohit K Yadav

  2. Density of water is 1000 kg/m3. Acceleration due to gravity g -10 m/s2 The water jet exiting from a stationary tank through a circular opening of diameter 300 mm impinges on a rigid wall as shown in the figure. Neglect all minor losses and assume the water level in the tank to remai The experienced by the wall kN Stationary rigid wall 6.2 m Circular opening of diameter 300 mm nstant. horizontal force is

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  4. A cylindrical steel rod, 0.01 m in diameter and o.2 m in length is first heated to 750 C and then immersed in a water bath at 100 C. The heat transfer coefficient is 250 W/m2-K. The density, specific heat and thermal conductivity of steel are r-7801 kg/m3, c 473 J/kg-K. and k 43 W/m-K, respectively. The time required for the rod reach 300 C is to seconds.

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  8. In a mixture of dry air and water vapor at a total pressure of 750 mm of Hg, the partial pressure of water vapor is 20 mm of Hg. The humidity ratio of the air in grams of water vapor per kg of dry air (gw/kgda) is

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  10. In a 3-stage air compressor, the inlet pressure is p,discharge pressure is p, and the intermediate pressures are p2 and p3 (p2 < p3). The total pressure ratio of the compressor is 10 and the pressure ratios of the stages are eaual If P, 100 kPa, the value of the pressure p, (in kPa) is

  11. Thank You