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GATE 2016 set 1
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Lohit Kumar Yadav
IRSME. Graduated in Mechanical engineering. Secured AIR 1 in ESE 2017. Believes in Quality Education for all.

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sir in mains in 200-250 words and within 6-7 mins is it okkk if we write the above answer without the exact data,,,as its difficult to remember them too,,
  1. GATE 2016- Set 1 By: Lohit K Yadav

  2. The cross sections of two hollow bars made of the same material are concentric circles as shown in the figure. It is given that r3> r1 and r4 > r2, and that the areas of the cross-sections are the same. 1 and J2 are the torsi rigidi and right, respectively. The ratio J2/J1 is A) >1 B) <0.5 D) Between o.5 and 1 e bars on the left

  3. At A2 3 >

  4. 2. 22 +1.2 32 SA

  5. A car is moving on a curved horizontal road of radius 10o m with a speed of 20 m/s. The rotating masses of the engine have an angular speed of 100 rad/s in clockwise direction when viewed from the front of the car. The combined moment of inertia of the rotating masses is 10 kg-m2 The magnitude of the gyroscopic moment (in N-m) is

  6. op - 1oom

  7. If the damping factor (ratio) is 0.25, the amplitude of steady state oscillation at resonance is A single degree of freedom spring mass system with viscous damping has a spring constant of 10 kN/m. The system is excited by a sinusoidal force of amplitude 100 N

  8. O25 Fo at 1 2 0.25

  9. For a floating body, buoyant force acts at the A) B) C) Centroid of the floating body center of gravity of the body centroid of the fluid vertically below the body centroid of the displaced fluid D)

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