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GATE 2017 Set 1
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Questions on Mathematics, TOM, SOM.

Lohit Kumar Yadav
IRSME. Graduated in Mechanical engineering. Secured AIR 1 in ESE 2017. Believes in Quality Education for all.

Unacademy user
highly motivated from u sir saw ur madeeasy talk ....
plz give more concept related to fluid...
kindly cover vibration from basics to this kind of question
sir please explain torque method separately...!! before gate exam
good example .... according exam point of view...:)
  1. GATE 2017- Set1 By: Lohit K Yadav

  2. A parametric curve defined by x = cos(mu/2),y = sin(nu/2) in the range osus1 is rotated about the X - axis by 360 degrees. Area of the surface generated is. A) /2 B) T C) 2 D) 4

  3. or 3) , 0 11 5 2

  4. A thin uniform rigid bar of length L and mass M is hinged at point O, located at a distance of L/3 from one of its ends. The bar is further supported using springs, each of stiffness k located at the two ends. A particle of mass m = M/4 is fixed at one end of the bar, as shown in the figure. For small rotations of the bar about O, the natural frequency of the svstems is. A) V5k/M

  5. L/3

  6. V ! 3 2-13 3 2 2.

  7. 2 3 1 1

  8. 3 3 3 - 3 2. S K V2M

  9. St A E

  10. Thank you