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Day 5 {Revised}
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sir average of 45 and 75 is 60 not 55???
Goodevening sir day - 3 target completed . answer for the question - INSTRUMENT of ACCESSION. Thankyou for the Guidance .
Ayussh Sanghi
8 months ago
Nice. All the best for the following day targets. :)
Thankyou sir 🏋🙏
Good Morning Sir.... Day 5th Target Completed.... Thanks a lot for the Guidance...!
  1. Day 5 Polity UPSC Prelims 2019

  2. Topics to be covered/revised Historical Background of the Indian Constitution - Various attempts (Nehru report etc) Governance Acts 1909, 1919, 1935 - Important provisions taken from them How Government of India Act 1935 helped shape the Indian Constitution Composition and role of the Constituent Assembly

  3. Topics to be covered/revised Sources of Indian Constitution (USA, UK, Ireland, Canada etc) Important Features, Schedules of the Constitution The Preamble - Importance and utility, Key words like Sovereignty, Socialist, Secular, Justice etc. and how they are interpreted, Part of Basic structure Union & its Territory - Article 1, Article 2, Article 3 and Article 4 how article 2 is different from Article 3?

  4. Topics to be covered/revised Parliament's power to reorganize States (R Citizenship - Modes of Acquisition and termination of citizenship Citizenship Amendment Bill 2018 Difference between a PIO, NRI, OCI, Merger of PIO & OCI Read about various initiatives/schemes related to PIO and NRI enaming, Restructuring)

  5. Important point to note The questions from Polity section are a mix of CA with core concepts The proportion of statie questions has also seen increase in recent years (Especially in 2017 & 2018) Focus should be on Current affairs and how it is linked to static portions of Polity so that conceptual mistakes don't happen