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Unacademy user
Sir thanx for making learning easier.... & Sir do we need to read the first 4 chapters from modern history of India by spectrum since not even a single question is asked from those chapters in the previous year papers .. pls suggest
9th january 1915..pravasi bhartiya divs
9 Jan 1915 Gandhi g aye India m.... n pravasi diwas k roop m mnaya jata h ise...
Ayussh Sanghi
7 months ago
Good 👍
V Gautam
7 months ago
I have started late but covered Polity and History, now I am doing Economy. Thank You, Ayush Sir for this plan.
V Gautam
7 months ago
I have started late but covered Polity and History, now I am doing Economy. Thank You, Ayush Sir for this plan.
  1. Prelims 65 Days Plan Day -12 UPSC Prelims 2019

  2. Points to remember Revise your yesterday's study plan when starting your studies the next day (At Least for 30 minutes) Whatever you studied, apply it in practise through UPSC previous year papers (Last 10 Years) See where you are going wrong in attempting MCQs and strengthen that concept further so that you don't commit mistake on that concept in the actual exam

  3. Strategy for the next 65 days According to plan, the present subject to revise is: History - Day 9 to Day 12

  4. Day 12 History UPSC Prelims 2019

  5. Which books to read? India's Struggle for Independence - Bipan Chandra A Brief History of Modern India - Rajiv Ahir (Spectrum) NCERTs

  6. Topics to be covered/revised Modern History Role of Press & literature in spreading nationalism Laws by british to curb press freedom (Censorship of Press Act, Vernacular press act, Indian Press Act) Various other laws - Industrial acts (Trade unions, minimum wages etc), social reforms (Abolition of sati, muslim marriage act etc)

  7. Topics to be covered/revised Modern History Important leaders and their contributions - Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, JL Nehru, Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, C Rajagopalachari etc (Also read about books, journals published by them) Other local, women leaders and role played by them - Annie Besant, Usha Mehta etc Chronology of events - Especially from arrival of Mahatma Gandhi

  8. Important point to note Questions from Modern history are highest in Prelims each year from History section The Return on Investment (ROl) is highest for these topics as questions are relatively easy Special focus should be made on noting small details as the questions are becoming more and more factual Highest attention should be given for all these topics

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