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Ans 1 only because charge on consolidated fund of india and subordinate to member of house
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  1. Prelims 65 Days Plan Day -13 UPSC Prelims 2019

  2. Points to remember Revise your yesterday's study plan when starting your studies the next day (At Least for 30 minutes) Whatever you studied, apply it in practise through UPSC previous year papers (Last 10 Years) See where you are going wrong in attempting MCQs and strengthen that concept further so that you don't commit mistake on that concept in the actual exam

  3. Strategy for the next 65 days According to plan, the present subject to revise is: Indian Geography - Day 13 to Day 16

  4. Day 13 Indian Geography UPSC Prelims 2019

  5. Which books to read? Contemporary India-r NCERT Geography - Class 9 NCERT Geography-Class 11 'India : Physical Environment India Year Book- Land and the People PMFIAS Notes

  6. Topics to be covered/revised Various important parts of Indian Geography The Himalayas - Greater Himalayas (Himadri), Lesser Himalayas (Himachal), Sub-Himalayas (Siwaliks) Peninsular Plateau and Peninsular Mountains The North Plains and the Coastal plains Indian Desert Islands

  7. Topics to be covered/revised What to read in these topics? Characteristics of the region - Like peninsular plateau oldest, himalaya youngest etc Reasons behind formation of mountains, blocks, islands etc Climate and Rainfall in these regions

  8. Topics to be covered/revised What to read in these topics? Vegetation - Type of Forests, factors that affect growth etc Types of Soil found in these regions - Difference between soil types Biodiversity in the region

  9. Important point to note Questions from Indian geography are a mix of CA & Static these days You need to keep an eye on regions in news and accordingly spot the features associated with it Questions also focus on static portion so concepts should be very clear Indian geography can easily fetch 6-8 marks in Prelims if studied properly

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