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Unacademy user
Goodevening sir , Day-1 & Day -2 target achieved today , revision done and pyqs solved but still back by 2 days :(( huge target for day 3 & 4 ..... Thankyou for the guidance
Ayussh Sanghi
8 months ago
Very good. All the best. 👍
Sir please let me know that note making is mandatory or revise again again by book?
Sir note making me bht tym ja rha hai😞
thnx 3 target complete
  1. Prelims 65 Days Plan Day-4 UPSC Prelims 2019

  2. Points to remember Revise your yesterday's study plan when starting your studies the next day (At Least for 30 minutes) Whatever you studied, apply it in practise through UPSC previous year papers (Last 10 Years) See where you are going wrong in attempting MCQs and strengthen that concept further so that you don't commit mistake on that concept in the actual exam

  3. Strategy for the next 65 days According to plan, the present subject to revise is: Economics - Day 1 to Day 4

  4. Day4 Economics UPSC Prelims 2019

  5. Which books to read? Macroeconomics- Class 12th , NCERT NCERT 11th - Indian Economic Development NCERT- Class 9th and 10th (for basics) Shankar Ganesh Ramesh Singh Selective reading of last 3 years Economic Survey

  6. Topics to be covered/revised Budget Components (Revenue, Capital receipts and expenditure) Key Terms Types of debt (Public, External, Internal), Types of deficit (Revenue, Primary, Fiscal) Deficit financing, Fiscal consolidation, FRBM Act (Review committee recommendations) Zero-based Budgeting, Gender Budgeting

  7. Topics to be covered/revised Types of Taxes Direct, Indirect, Pigovian, Ad Valorem, Tobin Cess, Surcharges & duties - Difference between Cess and Surcharge Taxation Reforms Direct Tax Code (DTC), General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR), Goods and Service Tax (GST) Role and share of direct and indirect taxes in economy (Recent stats related to them)

  8. Topics to be covered/revised Terms to be remembered: Tax Base Progressive taxation & how it is done . Tax Expenditure . Tax Avoidance Tax Elasticity & Buoyancy .Laffer curve & its application Crowding-out phenomenon

  9. Topics to be covered/revised Money Market - Treasury Bills, Commercial paper, Certificate of Deposit, Call Money Capital Market - Bonds, foreign exchange, fixed deposits, debentures, Government Securities Difference between Money and Capital market Regulatory Bodies - SEBI, IRDA , PFRDA - Powers, functions Foreign Direct Investment (FDI's) and Foreign Institutional Investors (FII's)

  10. Topics to be covered/revised Qualified Institutional Placement (QIPs)- Angel investors, Venture Capitals, Foreign institutional investors, Mutual Funds., Public Financial institutions, REITs, InVITs Terms related to Money/Capital market - Primary market, Secondary market, Bull and Bear, Derivatives, Futures, Bonds, Debentures, Participatory Notes, Hedge Funds, Blue chip shares, Market depth

  11. Important point to note The questions from economics section have been heavily CA based in recent years. The proportion of static questions has been decreasing More focus should be on Current affairs and linking it to static subjects so that conceptual mistakes don't happen