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Sir I am student of eee in diploma ,Sir I want to know is this course my level ?
Pawan Chandani
a year ago
Vikash Mandal
a year ago
thank you sir
Goodmorning sir Day 18 - all set Igneous ~ sedimentary ~metamorphic rocks which can again get changed to initial two stages known as Rock cycle . IST = Indian Standard Time taken at 82 degree 30 minutes East at Northeastern hemisphere. IST : GMT difference = IST 5 hours 30 minutes ahead of GMT . Indian meridian passed via UP-MP-CHHATTISGARH-ODISHA-ANDHRA PRADESH . 0 DEGREE - GMT T O CANCER - GUJRAT-MP-CHHATTISGARH-JHARKHAND-WEST BENGAL- TRIPURA- MIZORAM . Thankyou for the Guidelines 🙏
82degree30'east longitude is taken as standard time meridian of India passes through mirzapur(up).
igneous, sedimentary ,metamorphic rock.
  1. Prelims 65 Days Plan Day -18 UPSC Prelims 2019

  2. Points to remember Revise your yesterday's study plan when starting your studies the next day (At Least for 30 minutes) Whatever you studied, apply it in practise through UPSC previous year papers (Last 10 Years) See where you are going wrong in attempting MCQs and strengthen that concept further so that you don't commit mistake on that concept in the actual exam

  3. Strategy for the next 65 days According to plan, the present subject to revise is: World Geography - Day 17 to Day 20

  4. Day 18 World Geography UPSC Prelims 2019

  5. Which books to read? NCERT Class 6th The Earth Our Habitat' NCERT Geography- Class 11 Fundamentals of Physical Geography NCERT Geography- Class 10 'Contemporary India- Certificate Physical and Human Geography Goh Cheng leong Oxford or any other atlas book

  6. Topics to be covered/revised Earth . Motion of the Earth - Rotation and Revolution .How rotation/revolution affect Day and Night at different time periods Inclination of the Earth's Axis-How it affects various seasons . Latitude and Longitude .Important Parallels and Meridians Concept of GMT and IST

  7. Topics to be covered/revised Formation of rocks Classification of Rocks Igneous .Sedimentary Metamorphic How they are formed and important features

  8. Important point to note Questions related to static portion of Earth formation/rotation etc are not being seen in Prelims This topic is less important for exam but should be revised once keeping in mind the changing trends of UPSC each year Since there has been a talk about having 2 time zones in India lately, there is a distant possibility of a question related to it which might be from static portion

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