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Course Overview (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, we will see the course overview of the entire course and we will start the introduction to network and the types of transmission media.

Danish Aggarwal
IES Officer, Ministry of Skills and Entrepreneurship Development, Govt. of India. AIR 48 in UPSC ESE 2018.

Unacademy user
very nice explanation
Sir, where can I find good analytical questions for computer networks from a mains point of view?? Can you also tell sources from which you practiced?
Danish Aggarwal
4 months ago
Farozan for Data Networks is a good book to practice.
dear sir,i am from electrical branch,in 2018 ese i was able to clear mains but fell short of few marks for final merit list.i was not able to secure single mark in computer fundamentals.i humbly request you to pls guide me for ese 2019 mains in this subject.
Danish Aggarwal
8 months ago
Hi Piyush
Danish Aggarwal
8 months ago
There is no need to get disappointed. You can go through my courses for computer fundamentals. They are enough for Basic concept building. Afterwards, you can go through my COMPUTER ORGANISATION FOR ESE Mains which I am going to start very shortly.
Piyush kumar
8 months ago
thanks for the humble reply,i will surely attend those lectures.
please complete syllabus of advance communication
Danish Aggarwal
7 months ago
Sure! 😄
rrb J.E example preparation lagega sir
Danish Aggarwal
9 months ago
I did not understand. Can you explain ?

  2. ABOUT ME UNION PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSON I am Danish Aggarwal Secured AIR-48 in ESE-2018 in ECE Stream Worked as an iPhone Developer in Wooqer for 1 year Completed B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from NIT Jaipur in 2017 with CGPA of 9.09 Loves to read Novels and practice Yoga and meditation

  3. TARGET AUDIENCE Aspirants preparing for ESE in Electrical Engineering and Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Aspirants preparing for GATE in Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology Aspirants preparing for UGC-NET in Computer Science

  4. SYLLABUS OF ADVANCED COMMUNICATION IN ESE- E&T Communication networks: Principles /practices /technologies /uses /OSI model/security; Basic packet multiplexed streams/scheduling; Cellular networks, types, analysis, protocols (TCPITCPIP); Microwave & satellite communication: Terrestrial/space type LOS systems, block schematics link calculations, system design; Communication satellites, orbits, characteristics, systems, uses; Fibre-optic communication systems, block schematics, link calculations, system design

  5. |SYLLABUS OF OSI MODEL IN ESE-EE Not explicitly mentioned but the questions can be asked from this topic. Only OSI Model can be covered for this branch.

  6. | MARKS OF ADVANCED COMMUNICATION IN ESE In ESE Prelims, around 5 to 6 Questions are generally asked in ECE stream carrying of 5 to 10 out of total of 300 marks from Data Communication part. In ESE Mains, this subject carries a total of 30 to 40 marks for ECE Branch (Paper-2) Conventional Papers. Becomes mandatory to prepare for this subject. Do not leave this subject! Generally easy questions are asked in this subject- just need to know the basic concepts. In E&T, focus is more on Theoretical Questions in prelims from this topic.

  7. | COURSE OVERVIEW CONTENTS COVERED In this course, we will try to cover the subject of Advanced Communication which the following points will be covered: 1.Introduction to OSI Model Physical Layer DataLink Layer Network Layer Transport Layer Session Layer Presentation Layer Application Layer

  8. COURSE OVERVIEW CONTENTS COVERED(CONTD.) 2. Introduction to TCP/IP Model 3.Introduction to Network Layer 4. Addresses in TCP/IP 5. Routing Algorithms Non-adaptive Flooding Random-Routing Flow-based Adaptive/Dynamic

  9. | PREPARATION STRATEGY FOR DATA COMM Will try to cover all the concepts required for ESE-prelims and Mains for E&T. Will try to solve some of the previous-Year Questions along with here and will give some of the questions for self-assessment. Read the notes thoroughly and try to understand the concepts here Try to make the short notes out of these notes for last-minute revision before the Exams Solve the Previous-Year Questions after watching these videos Give the test-series(Offline preferably) after doing all the above steps The above steps are sufficient for the preparation of this Subject. You will fall in love with this Subject.

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  11. CONTACT ME You can contact me on Please RATE, REVIEW, RECOMMEND and SHARE my course You can give comment and give feedback also