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Council of Ministers: Structure, Roles and Responsibilities (for UPSC CSE/IAS exam)
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This lesson describes the complete roles and responsibilities of Council of ministers. Further, one can understand the terms which decide the size of the council of ministers. The very vital aspect which can be studied from this lesson is Prime minister, his role under the council of ministers and his relationships with the President. Lastly a brief on Deputy PM and Cabinet have also been discussed. ​

Bhavin Sangoi
BA Political Science and Psychology, Mumbai University. Teaching Polity, Economics and international relations for 7 years.

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10 questions ka video banaiye
How the ministers from Rajya Sabha can also be responsible to lok Sabha. Is it that a minister after his appointment ( if from Rajya Sabha) should become a lok Sabha member after 6 months?
For declaring only the emergency under Art.352 , cabinet should communicate in writing, does this apply for other emergencies?
at this time, cabinet is an constitutional body or extra-constitutional
Bhavin Sangoi
3 years ago
Although it's mentioned in constitution now. But PM can still do without cabinet if he doesn't have to impose national emergency. He can even appoint cabinet for 1 day and get the letter signed recommending imposition of Emergency and then dissolve it. In State there is no requirement of Cabinet for whatever reason. So still I'll consider it an extra constitutional body.
In your lecture you mentioned that Chaudhary Devilal was appointed the Deputy PM of Chaudhary Charan Singh which is wrong. It was in VP Singh's government that Devilal was appointed the Deputy PM. Infact it was Yashwantrao Chavan who was the Deputy PM of Charan Singh.To add to your list Morarji Desai, Jagjivan Ram and Yashwant Rao Chavan were also appointed as Deputy PM's
Bhavin Sangoi
3 years ago
Thanks for pointing out mistake. Yes it's VP Singh and not Charan Singh. However the incident that I mentioned is correct. President was also R Venkatraman. The case which I reffered is K. M Sharma v/S Devi Lal.
Thanks a lot sir........ It is really helpful after reading LAXMIKANT...........
  1. Course: Gain an understanding of Parliamentary Processes and Instruments Lesson: Council of Ministers Presented by Bhavin Sangoi

  2. About me . B.A in Political Science & Psychology . Appeared in UPSC CSE Mains Teaching Indian Polity, International Relations, economics & mental Ability since 5 years Experience of teaching for various competitive exams such as NTSE, CET & UPSC . Follow me on: Sangoi

  3. Council of minister . It contains PM, Cabinet ministers and Ministers of state . The Council of ministers is collectively responsible to the House of People .Minister must be a member of Parliament

  4. Size of Council According to article 75(1A), the total number of ministers, including the PM, in the Council of ministers shall not exceed fifteen per cent of the total number of members of the Lok Sabha . According to article 75(1A), the total number of ministers,

  5. Prime Minister PM is the head of Counci of ministr all inister are appuinted PM is the head of Council of minister, all minister are appointed on his advice and remain in Council of minister during the pleasure of President . PM is the leader of the House to which he belongs f PM recommends dissolution of the Loksabha President will have to oblige

  6. President and PM the duts of PuI ie all he nformatin af the . It is the duty o administration as well as Bills to introduced in the Parliament to, the President of India President can instruct the PM to submit any matter on which decision has been taken by individual minister, but which has not been considered by the Council

  7. Deputy PM . It is a political appointment It is a political appointment Although he has no extra powers than any other minister, he acts as PM in the absence of PM Sardar Patel, Chaudhary Charan Singh, Chaudhary Devilal, Lal Krishna Advani have been appointed as Deputy PM of India l. Chaudhary Charan Si

  8. Cabinet It contain senior moat miniters tike Home minister, Defense . It contains senior most ministers like Home minister, Defense minister, Finance minister, External affairs minister etc. . Cabinet ministers handle all the issues of Government along with the responsibilities of their ministry Emergency under Article 352 can't proclaimed by the President, unless Union Cabinet communicates him in writing