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Position of Rajya Sabha: Issues Pertaining from Rajyasabha (for UPSC CSE/IAS exam)
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In this lesson, the educator adds more information in addition to the topics which were discussed in the previous lesson. The issues pertaining from Rajya Sabha are discussed thoroughly. The educator also illustrates on how can these issues occurring through Rajyasabha can be eradicated by replicating the US Senate model. ​

Bhavin Sangoi
BA Political Science and Psychology, Mumbai University. Teaching Polity, Economics and international relations for 7 years.

Unacademy user
Mam please try to improove the voice.
Sir, please let us know if you have made videos on the ARC, punchhi commisiion and the othe rimportant commissions, as you have told in the comments section... otherwise all these courses are of great help and are highly useful.. great reverence for all your sincere efforts.
Bhavin Sangoi
3 years ago
No at present I'm not going to make those videos.
Aditya Choudhary
3 years ago
no problem sir. thanks for all the earlier videos.
Sir thanks for your help,please make videos on ARC ,punchi commission..etc government policies.
Bhavin Sangoi
3 years ago
Once I complete the whole constitution, then I'll follow these topics
Such a wonderful session with crystal clear explanation. Deserve more than 5 star.
sir please try to make videos on constitutional and non-constitutional bodies. As your lectures helps in quick revision with great understanding. Thank you .
Correct. That would be a great help to us.
sir, plz make videos on all emergency provisions.
Bhavin Sangoi
3 years ago
Roman has made vedios on Emergency provisions and they are available on YouTube. You can watch them. In next series I will cover center - State relations during Emergency.
  1. Course: Gain an understanding of Parliamentary Processes and Instruments Lesson: Position of the Rajya Sabha Presented by Bhavin Sangoi

  2. About me . B.A in Political Science & Psychology . Appeared in UPSC CSE Mains Teaching Indian Polity, International Relations, economics & mental Ability since 5 years Experience of teaching for various competitive exams such as NTSE, CET & UPSC . Follow me on: Sangoi

  3. Issues . Members of the Rajya Sabha are elected indirectly Opposition parties use the Rajya Sabha as a hurdle to dominate elected government . Members of the Rajya Sabha are required to represent the interest of the states, but in reality they represent the interest of the party Joint session of Parliament isn't very effective

  4. Continued Declaring every Bill as money Bill is fraud with Constitution Constitutional amendments such as GST Bill can't be passed by declaring Money Bill Big states have more seats in the Raiya Sabha . Big states have more seats in the Rajya Sabha

  5. U. S Senate Originally, the US Senate was also indirectly elected from state legislatures, just like the Rajya Sabha today. But in 1913, the constitution was amended to make Senators directly elected by the public of each state

  6. House of lords In U. K,power of Hof l ced and now it can . In U. K, power of House of lords were reduced and now it carn delay the non Money Bill only for two Parliamentary session or one year. A further restriction is a constitutional convention known as the Salisbury Convention, which means that the House of Lords does not oppose legislation promised in the ruling party's election manifesto