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Learn ​Impeachment And Removal Process of Parliament (for UPSC CSE/IAS exam)
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This lesson focuses on Impeachment & Removal in the Parliament. A detailed description of both the concepts is given separately.The features and utility of the same have been discussed. Using examples from real-time political scenarios, the presenter makes it easy for the aspirants to understand the lesson.

Bhavin Sangoi
BA Political Science and Psychology, Mumbai University. Teaching Polity, Economics and international relations for 7 years.

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nice mem it is very helpful.
Thank u sir.....very well explained.....
Well if u dont liked--Mulayam ur examples..than I will want u to check Ravi shankar prasad...jyant sinha....yasvant sinha...manish goel....etc....I know u got my point.....m trying to resist myself from comenting anything out of lectures..but I saw some prejudice and bias the way u tell and little laugh in ur examples......we all know what magnitute of curse was sharad powar on farmers and this country....being so much of experience in farming he only promoted hoardings and blackmarketing in mandis of Nashik...we all know the poor and pathetic condition of farmers in his backyard.....I being student want my teacher to keep his bias aside....I could have written here bang on...but m resisting....bcz i loved the way u taught and more importantly unacademy is doin wonderful work....but m sure u got my point.....n what instigated me.....see m not from that lot...remained confined all their life to a certain geography...with their presudice infueled by media and their misconception.....m well travelled and know in and out of socio-economic condition of every area along with pysche of people .....i guess u again got my point
sir, this means--- 1) for impeachment of president we require=== a majority passed by 50% of total membership of the house + 2/3rd majority of total membership. 2) whereas for removal of SC/HC Judge or CEC or CAG we require=== a majority passed by 50% of total membership + 2/3rd of present & voting please please clarify if this is correct interpretation...
Bhavin Sangoi
3 years ago
Yes, correct interpretation.
Is the state election commissioner removed by the same procedure as mentioned in the video? I feel I have read it in laxmikant.
gud lecture keep it up.helping me a lot
  1. Course: Gain an understanding of Parliamentary Processes and Instruments Lesson: Impeachment and Removal Presented by Bhavin Sangoi

  2. About me . B.A in Political Science & Psychology . Appeared in UPSC CSE Mains . Teaching Indian Polity, International Relations, economics & mental Ability since 5 years Experience of teaching for various competitive exams such as NTSE, CET & UPSC . Follow me on:

  3. Impeachment . According to article 56 (1) (b), President can be impeached for the violation of constitution Article 61 contains the procedure to be followed for impeachment . It can be initiated by any House of Parliament reolution has to he moved ontaining charges, after at leas fourteen A resolution has to be moved containing charges, after at least fourteen days notice in writing signed by at least one fourth number of members of the House

  4. Continued If that resolution is passed by two third majority of the total membership of the House The other House will investigate the charges President has the right to appear and represented in the investigation

  5. Continued . If the other House too passes the resolution with two third majority of the total membership of the House, as a result of investigation The charges will sustain and President will be removed on the very same day

  6. Removal According to article 124 (4), a Judge of SC can be removed from his position for proved misbehavior or incapacity on the order of . President will pass the order when each House will address the President, by the majority of total membership of that House and by the majority of two third members of that House present and voting

  7. Continued . According to article 124 (5), Parliament may by law regulate the procedure for the presentation of an address and for the investigation and proof of the misbehavior or incapacity of a Judge of SC e other constitutional functionaries such a s, Chief election commissioner larticle 324 (5)1, C&AG larticle (148) (1)]l, Judge of HC larticle 217 (1) (b)] are removed in the same manner and on the same ground as that of the judge of SC.