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Colonisation of Congo
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This lesson discusses Leopold's (King of Belgium) colonisation of Congo

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Nandini Maharaj
MA in Applied Human Rights from Sheffield Hallam University, BA (Hons.) History from LSR, reader, dancer, love to teach, AIR 42 in 2018 UPSC

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  1. Danley dsom Bu SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA COLONISATION OF CONGO th SJ) By Nandini Maharaj Turu 0 erteh

  2. IN THIS LESSONS Colonisation of Congo lles Ma PACI 2

  3. COLONISATION OF CONGO . David Livingstone's and HM Stanleys explorations excited imaginations. . Initially, colonisation was envisaged to be problematic owing to the scale of the operation . But King Leopold Il of Belgium in 1876 had organised the International African Association (the Congo Society .From 1869 to 1874, Stanley was secretly sent by Leopold Il to the Congo region . There he made questionable treaties with several African chiefs along the lles Ma Congo River and by 1882 had sufficient territory to form the Congo Free State. . Leopold Il personally owned the colony as Congo Free State from 1885 . He used it as a source of ivory and rubber. PACI 3

  4. COLONISATION OF CONGO French in 1881 occupied today's Republic of Congo Portugal and Britain also made claims on the Congo basin, and signed a treaty to keep away the Congo Society But by 1890, the Congo Free State (under Leopold) has consolidated its hold and was looking to push south lles Ma PACI .There is met Cecil Rhodes Rhodesia, which was expanding north 4

  5. COLONISATION OF CONGO In the west was the Yeke Kingdom of Msiri A militarily powerful ruler in the area They traded large quantities of copper, ivory and The scramble for Katanga was a prime example of the . Rhodes and Leopold sent many expeditions to Katanga slaves - and rumours of gold reached European ears. lles Ma period. PACI

  6. COLONISATION OF CONGO Msri was shot, and the expedition cut off his head and stuck it on a pole as a "barbaric lesson" to the people. The half million square kilometres of Katanga came into Leopold's possession and brought his African realm about 75 times larger than Belgium. . The Congo Free State imposed such a terror regime on the colonised people, including mass killings and forced labour, that Belgium, under pressure from the Congo Reform Association, ended Leopold Il's rule and annexed it in 1908 as a colony of Belgium, known as the Belgian Congo. lles Ma .Sleeping sickness and small pox also killed half the population . French Congo also was a brutal regime that led to loss of 50% of the PACI indigenous population 6

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