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Colonizations before The Scramble
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This lesson discusses the lead up to the scramble and starts with the discussion on causes for the scramble.

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  1. Danley dsom Bu SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA COLONISATIONS BEFORE THE SCRAMBLE th SJ) By Nandini Maharaj Turu 0 erteh

  2. IN THIS LESSONS What is the scramble for Africa? The Portuguese in Africa Causes of the Scramble (to be continued) lles Ma PACI 2

  3. SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA The invasion and occupation, colonization and annexation of African territory by European powers during the period of New Imperialism, between 1881 and 1914. In 1870, 10 percent of Africa was under European control By 1914 it was 90 percent of the continent, with only Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and Liberia still independent. lles Ma PACI 3

  4. BEFORE THE SCRAMBLE Portuguese: the first settlers in the 15th century European exploration of the African interior began in earnest at the end of the 18th century. By 1835, Europeans had mapped most of northwestern Africa. Mid 19th century: famous of the European explorers were David Livingstone and H. M. Stanley mapped vast areas of Southern Africa and Central Africa. lles Ma PACI 4

  5. BEFORE THE SCRAMBLE Richard Burton, John Speke and James Grant located the great central lakes and the source of the Nile. End19th century: Europeans had charted the Nile from its source, traced the courses of the Niger, Congo and Zambezi Rivers, and realised the vast resources of Africa. lles Ma Uptil 1870's, Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Britain, Spain, and Turks had small enclaves in Africa PACI 5

  6. CAUSES OF THE SCRAMBLE Fuelled by events in Europe rather than Africa . African markets Sub-saharan Africa was untouched by imperialism Britain's balance of trade was turning negative with increasingly protectionist continental markets and the long depression of 1873-96 lles Ma Rhode's Minig Company was making great profits after PACI successfully carving out Rhodesia 6

  7. CAUSES OF THE SCRAMBLE 2. Capitalism Britain was a post-industrial economy . Needed to export capital Britain also wanted a direct route to Asia to its empire in India lles Ma .New imperialism in Africa could satisfy both these PACI desires 7

  8. Canary Islands Morocco (Port) Tangier SPANISH Algiers Canary is Casablanca Mediterranean Sea Algeria MOROC Western Libya Egypt ALGERIA LIBYA RIO DE EGYPT Mauritania H AR Mali Dkg Senegal hanju, Gambiaumake Burkina Niger chad Sudan FRENCH WEST AFRICA RENCH Khartoum, ERITREA GAMBIA Djl* L. Chad ANGLO-EGYPTIAN Bissau Guinea Benin Nigeria SUDAN Fashoda . Ivory Ghana NIGERIA Ethiopia CoastTogo adan Lo South Sudan Central ETHIOPIA Cameroon Lib CAMEROONS LILAND BRITISH EAST AFRNC R3O MUN Equatorial Guinea ATLANTIC OCEAN Victona INDIAN OCEAN Democratic ,AT.Kanuala Kenya Rebublic of the BELGIAN CONGO GERMAN EASTARICAZanzibar (Br) Kimbaha Congo CARINDA Africa After the Scramble, 1914 L Tanganyika Dar es Salaa Tanzania British ANGOLA as French Angola German Italian RHODESIA Zambia Lusa ule Portuguese RMAN SOUTHWEST BECHUANALA Belgian Spanish Zimbabwe RICA Namibia ORANGE FREE STATE Botswana Independent African States BASUTOLAND Gaborone Eestocia Maps 0800 km UNION 0F OUTH AFRICA 800 mi South Lesoth Africa

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