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3rd January 2017: (Hindi) Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu
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Today's Hindu summary covers in-depth analysis of National, International and Business news with background information about articles linked to the syllabus of the examination

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Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

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a year ago
tqsm dear
The Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM) In India, the new HAM is a mix of BOT Annuity and EPC models. As per the design, the government will contribute to 40% of the project cost in the first five years through annual payments (annuity). The remaining payment will be made on the basis of the assets created and the performance of the developer. BOT Toll Model In this toll based BOT model, a road developer constructs the road and he is allowed to recover his investment through toll collection. This toll collection will be over a period of nearly 30 years in most cases. There is no government payment to the developer as he earns his money invested from tolls.
very nice sir.... u told in the video that 13 PBD has done....but its 15 PBD in 2017...14 PBD has done...correct me if i m wrong... thnx
sir m hindi medium student hu iss ko hindi me kre plz..
sir m hindi medium student hu iss ko hindi me kre plz..
Thanks a lot! M happy with the cursor now(Thanks for paying attention on my request).Use it in other courses too :)

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  3. NATIONAL NEWs o India successfully test fired Agni-IV o 4000 km RANGE, 1 Ton nuclear warhead carrying capacity and 2 stage missile which can be fired from a mobile launcher giving it strategic advantage during wart me Strategic Force Command is the entrusted with the launching of the nuclear weapons delivery. o New projects under Namami Gange programme in Haridwar and Varanasi have been approved by National Mission for Clean Ganga In Hardwar, 68 MLD sewage treatment plants (STP) and 14 YILD STP in Sarai have been approved at an indicative cost of Rs 110.30 crore and Rs 25 crore respectively under Hybrid Annuity based PPP mode. Apart from this, while Rs 8.34 crore has been allocated for tertiary treatment of existing 27 MLD plant in Jagjeetpur. Rs 5.32 crore has been allocated for tertiary treatment of existing 18 MLD plant in Sarai under Design, Build, Operate and Transfer (DBOT) mode. The program would be implemented by the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG), and its state counterpart organizations i.e., State Program Management Groups (SPMGs

  4. NATIONAL NEWs seeking votes orreligiousbasis is a corrupt Act-SC terming religion a very private relationship between man and god, 7 bench judges in SC held that appeal for votes during elections based on religion, race, caste, community, language or even electorate will amount to a corrupt practice and call for disqualification of a candidate o Election is secular exercise and therefore a process should be followed.. relationship between man and god is a individual choice and state should keep this in mind Sec 123, deal with corrupt practices in RPA 1951-Part-3(a), (b) o Recommended Study- Part VII-Chapter 1 Section 123 of RPA, Part IVA, Part VA, Part VIChapter 2 Part VIII-Chapter 4 It will be disservice to the little man-appealing on the basis of religion would amount to the 'mixing religion with state power'. Election to the state legislature, parliament or for the matter anybody is essentially a secular exercise. o primary activity of Sec 123(3) is to "curb communal and separatist tendencies in the country' Allowing candidates to take advantage of voters religious identity to merely gain the voters would be disservice o the little man. to merly eain the voters would be disservice o the litl nan eligos identity RN Tagore has said about election process-election campaign should R.N Tagore has said about election process- 'election campaign should transcend narrow domestic walls'

  5. NATIONAL NEWs o Hotel Service Optional- Says Govt-. Consumer has a discretion not to pay service charges at hotel added to the bill and consumer affairs dept. asked government to advice hotels and restaurants to prominently display that The service charges are discretionary/Voluntary and consumer dissatisfied with the service can have it waved. "service" means service of any description ns which is made available to potential users and includes, but not limited to, the provision of facilities in connection with banking,financing,insurance,transport, processing, supply of electrical or other energy, board or lodging or both, housing construction, entertainment, amusement etc. SC extends Judicial review Powers : o "Satisfaction of the president under Art 123 and Governor under Art 213 IS NOT IMMUNE FROM JUDICIAL REVIEW" o Unusually warm winters coupled with Yellow rust disease can cause yield loss of wheat crop in Punjab-Yellow Rust is a fungal disease which causes yellowing of wheat plant leaves and stops photosynthesis; warm temperatures are conducive to this disease, For the first time IMD has started forecast of winter weather country except some patches of cold waves temperature in most part ot

  6. INTERNATIONAL NEWS Dixie Mission-The United States Army Observation Group, commonly known as the Dixie Mission, was sent during World War to Yan'an, China, to establish the first official relations between the Communist Party of China and the United States of America. It lasted from 22 July 1944 to 11 March 1947 o The goal of the mission, beyond the establishment of relations with the NADA Communists, was to investigate the communists from a political and military perspective Paravasi Bhartiya Divas will be held on 9th January in Bangalore. It is an annual global convention for Indian Diaspora, organised by Ministry of External Affairs. So far 13 editions of PBD has been held in the past. RLD

  7. BUSINESS NEWS Demonetisation Hits rnanufacturingsector-Nikkei India's PMI fell to 49.6 in December, below 50 which represents the contraction in activity from November's 52.3 p 6900 shortage of money distorting the demand and reduction in cash flow issue are among the reasons that has caused index to fall below 50 o Core industries growth slows to 4.9 % in November Eight core industry recorded Yo-Y basis growth in output of 49 %in November 2016,slower than previous two months. 8 core industries comprises 37.9% weight of items included in IIP and following are the weight of sectors-Index of eight core industries are as follows:- 680096 Coal (weight 4.38 %), Crude oil(weight 5.22 %),Refinery products (5.94) Natural Gas (weight 1.72) Steel (weight6.68) Electricity (10.32) Fertilisers (1.25%)Cement (2.41) Base year for EIGHT CORE INDUSTRIES IS 2004-2005

  8. READ o Google Doodle pays tribute to social reformer Savitribai Phule-on the occasion of her 186th birthday. (Wiki) o she was the first woman teacher of the first women's school in India and a pioneer in modern Marathi poetry Savitribai taught in the school which she and her husband, Jyotirao Phule, started in 1848 with just nine students on the rolls.. Savitri set up a care centre for widows and even encouraged them to remarry She also fought for the rights of the untouchables. When bubonic plague spread in Pune in 1897, Savitri and her son opened a clinic to treat the sick. However, she succumbed to the disease in March the same year. The British government honoured the couple in 1852 for their contribution to the cause of women's education. o o The Government of Maharashtra has instituted an award in her name to honour women social reformers. Also, a stamp was released by India Post in honour of Savitribai on March 10, 1998.