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2nd January, 2017: (Hindi) Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu
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Today's Hindu summary covers in-depth analysis of National, International and Business news with background information about articles linked to the syllabus of the examination

Deepanshu Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

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What a effort sir ...bcoz vedio lecture is easy to make but read news paper than analysis than make ppt than vedio lecture ...need great effort...thnk u sir plz continue ..bcoz unacedmy lesson help us a lot..fir all preparation...
Thank you sir but m ek hindi medium student ho so agr ho sake toh aap written me b hindi use kr sake toh bahut acha hoga
I am doing self study and 2018 aspirant.i want u to cover must read books fir cse.laxmikanth and all.thank u sir
This is really very helpful for mains point of view but sir plz give us some idea about best answer wrtiting

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  3. NATIONAL NEWS Cold Wave sweeps North India-Whatiscold waver(GS-1) a. Rapid fall in temperature within 24 hours to a level requiring substantially increased protection to agriculture, industry, commerce, and social activities b. When normal minimum temperature is equal to 10 C or more- Cold Wave Departure from normal is -5 C to -6 C. Severe Cold Wave Departure from normal is -7 C or less When normal minimum temperature is less than 10 C-Cold Wave Departure c. from normal is -4 C to -5 C. Severe Cold Wave Departure from normal is 6 C or less. AqeapSecond'addedtolndian clocktimeto sync itwithgradually slowing earth rotation timing (GS-1/3)- The National Physical Laboratory is the National Metrology Institute of India and a Premier Research Laboratory in the field of Physical Sciences o was conceptualized in 1943 by the Governing Body of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), with a view to pave way for using science and technology as a means for industrial growth and development, as well as to give fillip to the fledgling Indian industry

  4. NATIONAL NEWS News related to Election Commission (GS-2) Punjab Polls- The Election Commission (EC) will introduce a mobile app- based system to monitor the law-and- order situation during the Punjab Assembly elections. would enable poll officials to feed real-time information and data on polling. Even the complaints received by the EC would be dealt with online (e-Gov) Election Symbols usage- Samajwadi Party 1. 2. o long-drawn process of the Rule of Majority and Numerical Strength envisaged in Paragraph 15 of the Election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment) Order, 1968. The decision of the Commission shall be binding on all the groups and conceived as a direction to the Returning Officer. Sadiq Alin Election Commission of India. Case-This 197 2verdict dealt with a split in the Indian National Congress (O andJ) 3. Drug discovery for GPCR signalling made easy by IIT Kanpur(GS-3) drugs that bind to G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs), which are central to almost every physiological process in our body such as vision, taste, immune response and cardiovascular regulation, has become easier

  5. INTERNATIONAL NEWS o Pakistan supports Chinese block on Azhar terming India's campaign politically motivated' and said India's proposal at committed 1267 has no merit. 1267 Committee related to IS/Al Qaeda a. The UNSC 1267 Committee was established pursuant to resolution 1267 (1999). It is also known as the Al-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee. b. It was established for the purpose of overseeing the implementation of sanctions measures imposed on Taliban-controlled Afghanistan for its support of Osama bin Laden. c. If an individual or terrorist organisation is included in this list, it helps in restricting their movement, financial penalties and assets freeze among others NADA Turkey and DR Congo-Map RLD

  6. Central African Republic South Sudan Ukraine Russia Romania 200 mi Bangui Uele River EUROP Black Sea 200 km Cameroon Ubangi Bumba Bulgaria Dardonelles Seo of Georgia Ri Bosporus Stroit Kisangani Congo D Tbilisi Congo THRACE Mbandaka River EQUATOR. .M Riv Yerevan l. Mt. Nyiragongo UG RW tan Gemlik KORo rmok PONTIC Troy Bursa Ankara Sivas E Turkey Democratic Republic of the er Buka BrazzavilleKasai Bo Brazzayille aKasai Congo Bujumbura Soma , Manisa Afyon,'6 Kayseri zmir Ephesus Kony KahramDiyirbakir Ararat llebo Lake Van Kinshasa kikwit Kananga angonyka Mbuji. Kalemies . TZ Antala MTSAdanaEuphrotes Clo Dog Mayi Banana Mersin' TURKEY Atlantic 300 mi Kamina 300 km ep Antioch IIIOcean Crete Rhodes skenderun LOW HILLS PLATEAU MTN Lebanon Kasai R CLICK HERE FOR LARGER MAP ASIA (Middle East) Baghdad! Mediterreanean Nicosia Angola Lubumbashi ea cucK HERE Beirut FOR D.R.C Damascus LARGER | Israel .. j GraphicMaps com 1m Zambia worldatlas worldatlas J ord n

  7. BUSINESS NEWS Cll says-there is opportunity to cut the corporate tax to the level of surcharges and ceuses e Going by te expcience 115 18% including all the surcharges and cesses because of widened tax base of government due to various fiscal measures like-Going by the experience, It is observed that the lower tax rates encourages higher compliance (Laffer Curve) Loans cheaper as SBI slashes rate-The bank has also reduced its base rate by 5 bps to 9.25 per cent,All the banks have made the new MCLR effective January 1.-MCLR is the rate comprising 4 Factors that contribute to its making: The Laffer Curve Marginal Cost of Funds, Operational Costs of bank, Negative carry in maintaining CRR, Tenor Premium. o Centre permits 12 PSU banks to raise Rs. 3,000 crore-In a bid to strengthen the capital base of public sector banks Demonetisation alters economy's recovery path:-Hurt private consumption, impacted real estate sector, FMCG sector, motorcycle, demonetisation move came at the time when spending cycle for the fiscal year was starting in healthy way post monsoon- Improvement in Airline sector 056 Tax Rate