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2nd November: Daily Current Affairs MCQs for Government Exams (UPSC CSE/IAS Exam)
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This lesson covers Daily Current Affairs MCQs for Government Exams (UPSC CSE/IAS Exam) for the date 2nd November, 2016. Do not just skim through the lesson. Pay close attention to understand the underlying concepts and analysis. This is where Roman's knowledge and experience will help you.

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Roman Saini
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As per the previous lectures, form should not change. So accordingly, in the last question, why "let the game finish" is wrong?
these MCQs practise I find it more retentive than solving test papers because its just like a friend discussing with you.... and some crisp points you never forget. like pareto's 80:20 rule.. 20% of things even if you do put in 80% effort wont come and rest 80% comes with 20% effort... so better to revise n re revise the 80% stuff. enough to sail you through.... and yes MCQ s are best way to learn... and every important facet of any program any scheme is exaustively covered which we wont get in normal texts... and then yes the attitude to solve the question develops... after all thats what we have to do... and the specially the lines UPSC IS GOInG TO KILL YOU... i am sure ye lines mujhe exam hall me guide karenge.. just like Roman sir is saying.. ye kyun hoga.. what nonsense... why the hell.... if you have common sense.. and yes these MCQ practise helps us to use our common sense a lot... at the ned THANK YOU .
Please make MCQ's videos on Rajya Sabha and PIB. Thank you so much for this one. These videos are really helping alot.
Abhishek Kaushik
3 years ago
Yasmin mam is daily making 10 mcqs from pib they are brilliant too ,she already gave more info abt oliver turtles and planets with rings
Minoti Bose
3 years ago
Thank you for the information.
roman sir u r u said i even feel some friend of mine is teaching..keep the good work sir ...u hv no idea how u r helping me through my preparation...may god bless u n all ur wishes gets answered..
Please make videos with mnemonics, and include maps in the MCQ's :)
I got 4/10 and that too without guess . In previous attempt i got 0/10.
  1. 2? MCQ based on 2 November 2016 Current Affairs

  2. 2? About Me MBBS, AIIMS o Cleared CSE-2013 o Co-founder Unacademy e Rate and Reviews Comments and Share o Follow me on Unacademy https://unacademyin/user/ Romansaini

  3. 2? Instructions Watch the Hindu video before (or after) fore or after attempting (Must) Correct Conclusion o Pause the video as soow Very Low chance of selection 1-3 as question appear solve the MCQ and then restart the video Okayish, Need to grind more 4-5 Going good, ALmost there 6-7 100% of the time without fail, calculate your score and write it in the comments section Very high chance of selection 8 or more (compete)

  4. 1. Who was the king in North India when Hiuen Tsang came to India? a) Chandragupta Maurya b) Harshavardhana c) Vikramaditya d) Narasimhadeva

  5. Solution: b Explanation: o Hiuen Tsang came to India during the reigh o Harshavardhana Hiuen Tsang came to India through Kashmir after visiting Central Asia, Iran and Afghanistan. He interacted with students and scholars at Nalanda University, mastered local Languages and discovered Buddhist stupas.

  6. 2? 2. whick of the following statement is uncorrect 2. Which of the following statement is incorrect? a. ax on consumption of goods and services. b) Tobacco and Alcohol for human consumption would be subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST c) It affects only the indirect tax structure d) None of the above

  7. a Solution: b Solution: b o Explanation: Goods and Service Tax (GST) will be a goods and services except Alcohol for human consumption pplied to all

  8. 20 3, Which of the following statement (s) is/are correct regarding Olive Ridley sea turtle? 1) They are found primarily in the Atlantic Ocean. 2) They prefer warm and tropical waters. 3) They are classified as Vulherable according to the IUCN List. Ch edutere clasified as Vatherable according to tke Choose the correct option a) 1 and 2 b) 2 Onl c) 2 and3 d) 1 only

  9. Solution: c Explanation: o 1st statement is incorrect because the Olive Ridley sea turtle are found primarily in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. o The nesting of olive Ridley turtles is mainly near the mouth of the Rushikulya river, Orissa.

  10. 4. The Parwan water project is on which of the following river? a) Beas River b) Ravi River c) Sindh River d) Chambal River LVer

  11. 2? 25 d wtick of the following are Exe meumbers of 6. Which of the following are the members of NITI avo 1) Prime Minister of India 2) Chief Ministers of all the States and Union territories 3) Experts and specialists in various fields Choose the correct option a) 1 and 2 b) 2 and3 c) 1 and 3 d) 1, 2 and 3

  12. 23 Solution: b Explanation: o Hawk Mk-132 aircraft belongs to BAE (U.K.). o India signed a contract for these aircrafts with BAE

  13. 2? Solution: d all have rings Explanation: o According to recent research it is found that when Lar ob jects passed ver close to planets and got destroyed objects passed very cloe to planets and pot destroyed by their tidal force during late heavy Bombardment. o saturn's rings are made up of more than 95 per cent icy particles while rings of Uranus and Neptune are darker and have high rock content.

  14. 9. Which of the following pair is incorrect? a) Neelapattu Bird Sanctuary: Andhra Pradesh b) Bandipur National Park: Karnataka c) Dachigam National Park: Dammu and Kashmir d) None of the above