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2nd June 2017 : Daily News Analysis Part-1
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Rising Child marriages. Polar Research vehicle for Antarctic Research.

Jatin Verma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Jatin Verma
Have appeared in UPSC CSE thrice. Have been taking Unacademy Plus courses Academics- Polity, Economics & Current Affairs.

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Sir complete this course
Its very difficult and useful task sir that you do. Firstly you collect information from different sources and then present it to us is very reviving. Its a great job. Thanks sir
Linking the news articles with upsc syllabus(subjects) was a wonderful approach and thanks for your videos.
In slide 7, it is given tthat the facility to acquire PRV came in 2014....but you are saying 2015. Also, it is given Polar "Research" Vehicle in the slide while you are mentioning Polar "Launch" Vehicle.So which is the correct information?
Mrutyunjay Joshi
2 years ago
Obviously its Polar launch vehicle... this might be slip of tougue
Jatin Sir , Please make a video on how to scan material from yojana and kurukshetra. also please tell us about which magazines to refer
Jatin Sir , Please make a video on how to scan material from yojana and kurukshetra. also please tell us about which magazines to refer
  1. DAILY THE HINDU NEWS ANALYSIS JUNE 2ND, 2017 By Jatin Verma, Educator, Unacademy. unacademy

  2. Page: 7 Rajasthan leads in Child marriages-[Relevant for GS. Paper-1: Social Issues] Even though there has been a decline in child marriage across the country, a study of the 201 I Census by Young Lives, in coordination with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, revealed that Rajasthan has the highest incidence. The study, which has for the first time analysed the Census figures from the perspective of child marriage, states that 2.5% of the girls in Rajasthan got married before the legal age of 18. Raj also topped in the percentage (4.69%) of boys marrying below the legal age of 21 Thirteen other States, including Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Karnataka, reported higher percentage of child marriages among boys than the national average.

  3. . Highlights 70 districts as child marriage"hotspots" spread across 13 States, which contribute more than 20% of the child marriages. Rise in urban areas??? In terms of numbers, we find that 69.5 lakh boys and 51.6 lakh girls have been married before their respective legal age, according to Census 2011 across the country," says the report. The study shows a minor decline of 0.1% in the mar-riage of minor girls in rural India, between 2001 and 201 I Censuses. However, the incidence of child marriage among girls increased substantially in urban India from 1.78% in 2001 to 2.45% in 201 1 the absolute number of girls married below legal age was 5.1 million

  4. there was a conflict between the "secular" Prevention of the Child Marriage Act (PCMA) and personal laws, which needed legislative intervention for a resolution. Rights violation . Terming it a violation of the fundamental right to a dignified life, as guaranteed by the Constitution, he said child marriage should not be treated only as a social evil. It is an offence under the PCMA, but it is only "voidable" at the girl's instance after she attains majority. The Supreme Court judge said the causes of child marriage must be identified to ef- fectively address the problem. Classical dilemma:Should society accept the laws or should legal system have an upper hand? Many a time, laws were enacted, but if social acceptance was not there, they failed to make an impact as it happened in the case of dowry the she

  5. UPSC 2014 G.S.1 previous year question: Q. Why do some of the most prosperous regions of India have an adverse sex ratio for PViz o ome uf the most prosperouws regons of ndia revious vear question: women? Give your arguments.

  6. 2. India's plans to acquire a I,000-crore polar research vehicle (PRV) delayed . A ship that can cut through ice sheets and glaciers may see fresh delays. Though a Spanish ship-building company was roped in, in early 2015, the contract fell through, primarily due to escalated costs. . The new 'Make in India' policy gives Indian companies an edge in bagging these contracts, which are open to international and local bidders This concession allows an Indian company, which may have lost out to a foreign company in the final bidding stage on price, to match the latter's lower, winning bid and bag the contract. Multiple sources, privy to the PRV procurement process, tell that Indian ship companies are not experienced in building PRVs. Insisting on Indian companies for the sake of it may mean longer delays . Multiple sources, privy to the PRV procurement process, tell hat Indian ship companies are

  7. New tender soon A fresh, global tender incorporating these changes will likely be floated . The government had authorised the Goa-based National Centre for Antarctic and The government had authorised the Goa-based National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR), a facility that comes under the Earth Sciences Ministry, to acquire a Polar Research Vehicle(PRV) in 2014. According to a March 2015 press statement by the Cabinet approving 1,050 crore for the purpose,a PRV was necessary to meet: the growing need of the scientific community to initiate studies in ocean sciences, (i) the uncertainty in the charter-hire of polar vessels and the ever-escalating chartering costs, (ii) the expansion of scientific activities into the Arctic and Southern Ocean (the seas surrounding Antarctica ). . An Indian company can also partner with a foreign company for the bidding, once awarded

  8. Crucial to nation's goals ice-breaker,'ships can cut through a 1.5-metre thick wall of i With a lifespan of 30 years, the ship is expected to be central to India's ambitions in the Arctic and Antarctica in coming years The 'ice-breaker,' ships can cut through a 1.5-metre thick wall of ice. India has announced plans to rebuild Maitri, its research station in Antarctica. hat is this project about: mass-balance, dynamics, and climate of the Dronning Maud Land coast, East Antarctica (MADICE) Q2. India's activities in Arctic ocean?

  9. Page 11: India Russia ink Nuclear agreement India and Russia have signed the much-awaited agreement on setting up two more units of a nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu and decided to give a"new direction" to the defence cooperation between the two "great powers" The two countries also decided to hold the first tri-Services exercises, named Indra- 2017, this year and start joint manufacture of frigates, adding to the co-production of Kamov-226 military helicopters. Mutual trust: been unwavering, based on "mutual love, respect and strong trust'

  10. In the Vision document,the two countries called for an end to cross- border movement of terrorists, and asserted that a decisive collective response from the international community without"double standards and selectivity" was required to combat the threat of cross-border terrorism. onal community withoute "'double standards and selectivity" was required India became an observer to the organization at its fifth summit in Astana, Kazakhstan in 2005. Since then, India has subtly indicated its interest in playing a more substantive role in the development of the SCO. It was felt by most members, particularly Russia and Kazakhstan, that the grouping would benefit hugely from India's active association.

  11. Page 12:Trump mulls reviving limits on travel to Cuba Among the measures the Trump administration is considering are proposals to block transactions between American firms and firms that have ties to the Cuban military But many senior officials privately agree has been an improvement on the Cold War dynamic [Cuba was lapping upto Russia then]. In addition to the revival of diplomatic relations and liberalised rules for trade, travel and commerce, the new approach has paved the way for co-operation in intelligence- sharing, drug interdiction, scientific research and a host of other areas. A cherished demand for the politically conservative Cuban-American exile community which supported Trump