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26th December Part - 2 (in Hindi)
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The lesson deals with the second set of the various words that have been there in the Hindu editorial for the 26th of December .

Danish Khatana
Asst Professor at Vijetha Institute, Delhi , Masters in Biotechnology IIT JAM 2011 (AIR - 479) CSIR NET Life Sciences 2012, DBT JRF 2015, U

Unacademy user
How can we get know the pattern for the last question? Are there any models for those type of Questions? Thanks for your course
Tania Alam
2 years ago
It's hard to say about a specific pattern, but they usually follow a combination of both AP and GP series. You need to identify them using trial and error.

  2. 26th DECEMBER

  3. upheaval O Meaning : a violent or sudden change or disruption to something. (n) O Synonyms : disruption Antonyms: success

  4. intimidate O Meaning : frighten or overawe (someone), especially in order to make them do what one wants. O Synonyms : dismay Antonyms assure

  5. abruptly O Meaning suddenly and unexpectedly. O Synonyms: precipitously

  6. torrent O Meaning a strong and fast-moving stream of water or other liquid. (n) O Synonyms : deluge o Antonyms : drip

  7. heaped O Meaning: put (objects or a loose substance) in a heap.(v) O Synonyms: collected

  8. coalition O Meaning : a temporary alliance for combined action, especially of political parties forming a government. O Synonyms : alliance oAntonyms : detachment

  9. hub o Meaning: the effective centre of an activity, region, or network. (n) O Synonyms: core o Antonyms: exterior

  10. allegations O Meaning a claim or assertion that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically one made without proof. (n) O Synonyms : charge Antonyms: exculpation

  11. carcasses o Meaning : the dead body of an animal. OSynonyms : cadaver

  12. impunity O Meaning exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action.(n) O Synonyms : exception oAntonyms : denial

  13. acrimonious O Meaning: (typically of speech or discussion) angry and bitter. (adj) O Synonyms: bitter o Antonyms : helping

  14. outrageously o Meaning: shockingly bad or excessive. O Synonyms: brutally

  15. repercussions O Meaning : an unintended consequence of an event or action, especially an unwelcome one. (n) O Synonyms : effect Antonyms : cause

  16. deplorable O Meaning : deserving strong condemnation; completely unacceptable. O Synonyms : disastrous oAntonyms: acceptable

  17. hounded O Meaning: harass, persecute, or pursue relentlessly. O Synonyms : annoy o Antonyms : aid

  18. intervention O Meaning : the action or process of intervening. (n) OSynonyms: interference