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20th December Part - 2 (in Hindi)
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The lesson deals with, in this first part for the 20th of December, various words and their meanings alongwith some of the synonyms and antonyms in the Hindu editorial.

Danish Khatana
Masters in Biotechnology IIT JAM 2011 (AIR - 479) CSIR NET Life Sciences 2012, DBT JRF 2015, UGC NET Socio - 2018

Unacademy user
ur vocab is useful plzz dnt quit let it continue u pick up good words for us to learn
Sanyam Kapila
2 years ago
I have continued thos course.

  2. 20st DECEMBER

  3. incumbency O Meaning : the holding of an office or the period during which one is held. (n) O Synonyms : clamp o Antonyms misconception

  4. contested O Meaning : engage in competition to attain (a position of power) (v) O Synonyms : disputed o Antonyms: opted

  5. garnered O Meaning : gather or collect (something, especially information or approval) O Synonyms : reap o Antonyms : spend

  6. swing O Meaning move by grasping a support from below and leaping. OSynonyms : stroke o Antonyms stillness

  7. influential O Meaning: having great influence on someone or something(adj) O Synonyms : dominant oAntonyms: inferior

  8. conservative O Meaning : averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values. O Synonyms timid oAntonyms: inconstant

  9. dipped O Meaning : put a hand or implement into (a bag or container) in order to take something out. O Synonyms : dive Antonyms : ascent

  10. prohibition o Meaning: the action of forbidding something, especially by law. O Synonyms: constraint o Antonyms : allowance

  11. diversifying O Meaning make or become more diverse or varied(v) OSynonyms: transform Antonyms: continue

  12. widely O Meaning: far apart; with a wide space or interval between. (adv) O Synonyms: extensively Antonyms: narrowly

  13. assigned O Meaning : designate or set (something) aside for a specific purpose. OSynonyms : accredit o Antonyms : deny

  14. diversifying O Meaning make or become more diverse or varied O Synonyms : expand Antonyms: continue

  15. sustainable oMeaning : able to be maintained at a certain rate or level. (adj) O Synonyms: continual o Antonyms: untenable

  16. patronage O Meaning : the support given by a patron (n) O Synonyms : auspices o Antonyms : blockage