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15th December Part - 1 (in Hindi)
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The lesson deals with the part 1 various words and their meanings alongwith some of the synonyms and antonyms for the 15th of December, in the Hindu editorial.

Danish Khatana
Asst Professor at Vijetha Institute, Delhi , Masters in Biotechnology IIT JAM 2011 (AIR - 479) CSIR NET Life Sciences 2012, DBT JRF 2015, U

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  2. 15th DECEMBER

  3. invoking O Meaning cite or appeal to (someone or something) as an authority for an action or in support of an argument. O Synonyms : conjure Antonyms : answer

  4. controversially O Meaning : in a way that gives rise to controversy or public disagreement. O Synonyms : disputed oAntonyms : certain

  5. executive O Meaning: relating to or having the power to put plans or actions into effect. O Synonyms : director Antonyms: attendant

  6. rival O Meaning a person or thing competing with another for the same objective or for superiority in the same fheld of activity. O Synonyms competing Antonyms : assisting

  7. Despite O Meaning: contemptuous treatment or behaviour; outrage. O Synonyms : against

  8. demonstrate O Meaning : clearly show the existence or truth of (something) by giving proof or evidence. O Synonyms : determine oAntonyms : conceal

  9. prorogued O Meaning : discontinue a session of (a parliament or other legislative assembly) without dissolving it. O Synonyms : delayed

  10. dissolved O Meaning : (with reference to a solid) become or cause to become incorporated into a liquid so as to form a solution. O Synonyms soften o Antonyms : appear

  11. interim O Meaning : the intervening time. O Synonyms provisional o Antonyms : finished

  12. restrained O Meaning : characterized by reserve or moderation; unemotional or dispassionate. O Synonyms : discreet oAntonyms : communicative

  13. dissolution O Meaning : the action of formally ending or dismissing an assembly, partnership, or official body. O Synonyms : divorce oAntonyms : connection

  14. stretch O Meaning: (of something soft or elastic) be made or be capable of being made longer or wider without tearing or breaking. O Synonyms : extend Antonyms : contract

  15. obstinately O Meaning stubbornly refusing to change one's opinion or chosen course of action, despite attempts to persuade one to do so. O Synonyms : adamant Antonyms : amenable

  16. topple O Meaning : overbalance or cause to overbalance and fall O Synonyms: collapse oAntonyms: hold

  17. distress O Meaning : extreme anxiety, sorrow, or pain. OSynonyms :affliction o Antonyms : aid

  18. impacting O Meaning : come into forcible contact with another object. o Synonyms : clash Antonyms: compliment

  19. owing O Meaning: (of money) yet to be paid. O Synonyms : due o Antonyms : green

  20. hedging O Meaning: the planting or trimming of hedges. O Tamil Meaning O Synonyms sidestep o Antonyms meet

  21. cartelised O Meaning: (of manufacturers or suppliers) form a cartel in (an industry or trade). O Synonyms : assemble Antonyms : divide

  22. waivers O Meaning :an act or instance of waiving a right or claim OSynonyms : remission o Antonyms : approval

  23. relieve o Meaning cause (pain, distress, or difficulty) to become less severe or serious. O Synonyms : alleviate Antonyms : distress

  24. verdict O Meaning : a decision on an issue of fact in a civil or criminal case or an inquest. O Synonyms : decision Antonyms: accusation

  25. implementation O Meaning : the process of putting a decision or plan into effect; execution. O Synonyms : application Antonyms: failure

  26. stance O Meaning : the way in which someone stands, especially when deliberately adopted (as in cricket, golf, and other sports); a person's posture. O Synonyms : posture

  27. protest O Meaning a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something. O Synonyms riot oAntonyms : calnm

  28. protest O Meaning a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something. O Synonyms : challenge Antonyms : answer

  29. lofty O Meaning : of imposing height. Synonyms soaring Antonyms: beneath

  30. citing O Meaning refer to (a passage, book, or author) as evidence for or justification of an argument or statement, especially in a scholarly work. O Synonyms allege Antonyms: conceal