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22nd December Part -2 (in Hindi)
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The lesson deals with the words from the Hindu editorial with their synonyms & antonyms and examples in some cases, to make the meanings more pronounced.

Danish Khatana
Masters in Biotechnology IIT JAM 2011 (AIR - 479) CSIR NET Life Sciences 2012, DBT JRF 2015, UGC NET Socio - 2018

Unacademy user
bahut jyada hi achha hai sir

  2. 22nd DECEMBER

  3. remnants O Meaning a part or quantity that is left after the greater part has been used, removed, or destroyed O Synonyms: leftovers oAntonyms: whole

  4. confined O Meaning : (of a space) restricted in area or volume; cramped OSynonyms limited o Antonyms: free

  5. deploying o Meaning: move (troops or equipment) into position for military action. O Synonyms : deploy

  6. interventions O Meaning : the action or process of intervening. OSynonyms: interference Antonyms: affront

  7. rebels Meaning rise in opposition or armed resistance to an established government or leader. O Synonyms : revolts oAntonyms : conformists

  8. forefront O Meaning : the leading or most important position or place. OSynonyms : front oAntonyms : backside

  9. irked O Meaning: irritate; annoy. O Synonyms : annoyed o Antonyms : amusing

  10. consolidation O Meaning : the action or process of making something stronger or more solid. O Synonyms integration oAntonyms : dispersal

  11. prevented O Meaning: keep (something) from happening O Synonyms : restrained o Antonyms: caused

  12. emerge O Meaning move out of or away from something and become visible. O Synonyms : arise Antonyms fade

  13. strategic O Meaning: relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them. O Synonyms : critical Antonyms: unplanned

  14. resourceS O Meaning a stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively O Synonyms : assets o Antonyms: lack

  15. assurances O Meaning a positive declaration intended to give confidence; a promise. O Synonyms : pledges oAntonyms : doubts

  16. refrain O Meaning stop oneself from doing something. O Synonyms : desist Antonyms: interact

  17. abrupt O Meaning sudden and unexpected O Synonyms : sudden o Antonyms : calm

  18. vacuum O Meaning : clean with a vacuum cleaner. O Synonyms : void o Antonyms: fullness