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18th December Part - 1 (in Hindi)
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The lesson deals with the in this first part for the 18th of December, various words and their meanings alongwith some of the synonyms and antonyms in the Hindu editorial.

Danish Khatana
Masters in Biotechnology IIT JAM 2011 (AIR - 479) CSIR NET Life Sciences 2012, DBT JRF 2015, UGC NET Socio - 2018

Unacademy user
happy new year sir

  2. 18th DECEMBER

  3. sliver O Meaning a small, thin, narrow piece of something cut or split off a larger piece. O Synonyms : shred oAntonyms: whole

  4. acquitted O Meaning: free (someone) from a criminal charge by a verdict of not guilty(v) O Synonyms: exonerated oAntonyms : convicted

  5. instigating O Meaning: bring about or initiate (an action or event).(v) O Synonyms : provoking o Antonyms : halting

  6. reignites O Meaning: ignite or cause to ignite again(v)

  7. aftermath O Meaning: the consequences or after- effects of a significant unpleasant event. O Synonyms : effect o Antonyms : prologue

  8. assassinatiorn O Meaning : the action of assassinating someone. OSynonyms : execution oAntonyms: birtlh

  9. influential O Meaning: having great influence on someone or something.(adj) OSynonyms : powerful oAntonyms: ineffective

  10. substantial Meaning: of considerable importance, size, or worth(adj) O Synonyms : strong o Antonyms: flimsy

  11. deliberate O Meaning : done consciously and intentionally. OSynonyms : consider Antonyms: random

  12. untoward Meaning: unexpected and inappropriate or inconvenient. (adj) O Synonyms : adverse o Antonyms : proper

  13. derailed O Meaning : obstruct (a process) by diverting it from its intended course. OSynonyms : insane o Antonyms : assisted

  14. corroboratiorn O Meaning: evidence which confirms or supports a statement, theory, or finding; confirmation (n) O Synonyms: affirmation Antonyms : contradiction

  15. sought o Meaning : attempt to find (something) O Synonyms : desired Antonyms: unwanted

  16. hostage O Meaning a person seized or held as security for the fulfilment of a condition. O Synonyms : surety o Antonyms: warden

  17. reintorce O Meaning strengthen or support (an object or substance), especially with additional material. O Synonyms : fortify o Antonyms : diminish

  18. patronage O Meaning : the support given by a patron (n) O Synonyms support o Antonyms: opposition

  19. genocide o Meaning : the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group. O Synonyms : annihilation Antonyms peace

  20. invoked O Meaning cite or appeal to (someone or something) as an authority for an action or in support of an argument. (v) O Synonyms : enforced o Antonyms: ignored

  21. cited O Meaning refer to (a passage, book, or author) as evidence for or justification of an argument or statement, especially in a scholarly work(v). O Synonyms : accused Antonyms: concealed

  22. quashed o Meaning : a mark, blemish, or other imperfection which mars a substance or object. O Synonyms : defects o Antonyms : strengths

  23. absurdity O Meaning : the quality or state of being ridiculous or wildly unreasonable(n) O Synonyms : silliness o Antonyms: prudence

  24. purported o Meaning : the quality or state of being ridiculous or wildly unreasonable. O Synonyms : alleged

  25. haemorrhaging O Meaning: (of a person) suffer a haemorrhage. O Synonyms : bleeding

  26. damning O Meaning: (of a circumstance or piece of evidence) strongly suggesting guilt or error. O Synonyms : damnatory oAntonyms: blessing

  27. statutory o Meaning required, permitted, or enacted by statute. O Synonyms : legal o Antonyms: illegal

  28. claims O Meaning state or assert that something is the case, typically without providing evidence or proof. O Synonyms : asserts Antonyms : disclaims

  29. comprising O Meaning : consist of; be made up of. (v) O Synonyms: including o Antonyms : lacking

  30. appeal O Meaning make a serious, urgent, or heartfelt request. O Synonyms: request O Antonyms : disgust