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24th January Daily Important Editorial Discussion
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24th January Daily Important Editorial Discussion (Challenges Ahead of Gene Editing Baby)

Prabhakar Jha
GS And GA faculty @ Mahendra's Coaching Institute. Teaching Polity, and international relations for 7 years

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Sir iss course ko continue kriye na
Urvi ji ye bus aitihasik background hai Aapko pura polity chaiye hindi me aise?
Monday se pura ek CRASH COURSE polity pe start krta hu ok wait for 2 days
  1. unacademy 24th January 2019 Important Editorial Discussion(A Reckless Experiment: on Gene-edited Babies) Presented By: Prabhakar Jha

  2. "Editing the 'human germline' is an exercise fraught with unknown risks" - this sentence sums up the truth about the state of genetic science today. Apparently, it is no longer only about ethics (perhaps it always had been like that) as scientists discover that suppressing one gene may cause 'unknown' (unknown as of yet) reactions or results elsewhere in the human body.

  3. Promoting well-being Transnational cooperation Transparency The proposed principles for Human Genome Editing: Fairness Due care Respect for persons Responsible science

  4. Like most other issues, the answer to the question of whether or not to manipulate the human genome lies somewhere in a grey area. In any case, 'the error-rates of Crispr (CRISPR-Cas9) are falling with each passing year' and the future is for genetic editing but with oversight and regulations. Way Forward But when the suffering and death caused by such terrible single-gene disorders as cystic fibrosis and Huntington's disease might be averted, the decision to delay such research should not be made lightly.