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19th January Daily Important Editorial Discussion(Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Notification 2018
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19th January Daily Important Editorial Discussion(Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Notification 2018

Prabhakar Jha
GS And GA faculty @ Mahendra's Coaching Institute. Teaching Polity, and international relations for 7 years

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  1. unacademy 19th January 2019 Important Editorial Discussion(The Coast is Unclear: On the 2018 CRZ Notification) Presented By: Prabhakar Jha

  2. Land area from High Tide Line(HTL) to 500 mts on the landward side along the seafront. Land area between HTL to 100 mts or width of the creek whichever is less on the landward side along the tidal influenced water bodies Land area falling between the hazard line and 500 mts from HTL on the landward side, in case of seafront and between the hazard line and 100 mts in case of tidal influenced water body What Areas are Designated as CRZ? 1 The land area between HTL and Low Tide Line (LTL). The water and bed area between LTL to the territorial water limit in case of the sea and water and the bed area between LTL at the bank to the LTL in the opposite side of the bank, of tidal influenced water bodies.

  3. Concerns Related with Coastal Regions Successive governments have created the impression that India's coastline is a vast, empty space that economic actors can take over. Industrialists and real estate developers share this view because coastal lands are for the most part outside the regime of individual property rights. Land grabbing by private and government actors no support from governments in the form of subsidies. . This may be why they are the targets of hostile government policies. Sewage, garbage andsludge from industrial processes land up on the coastline and makes life for coastal dwellers a living hell. . The combined effects of harmful coastal development and climate change are apparent in the form of mass migrations from coastal areas like Odisha and the Sundarbans in West Bengal

  4. Notification by Government Allowing Floor Space Index (FSI) as per current norms in CRZ areas Densely populated rural areas to be afforded greater opportunity for development CRZ-III A CRZ-III B

  5. Tourism infrastructure for basic amenities to be promoted Defense and strategic projects CRZ Clearances streamlined Pollution abatement has been accorded special focus A No Development Zone (NDZ) All Ecologically Sensitive Areas

  6. Environmentalists argue that the new regulations have been framed without a transparent public consultation The National Fishworkers Forum (NFF), has opposed these new amendments. Criticisms The notification now exposes more people to the unassessed impacts of climate change-related coastal damages The new amendments legalize the setting up of common effluent treatment plants (CETPs)