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24th August 2017:The Hindu short handy notes
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Daily Analysis and short notes on The Hindu:24th August 2017

Arpita Sharma
2+ years of teaching experience in UPSC Category.

Unacademy user
maam this year I am having my class 12 exams and I am not able to remember chemistry at all , I have almost written each topic about 3 times but then also I forget....... Can you please help me with this........ I need this very much🙏
Megha Khandelwal
4 months ago
Yes. Have you watched any course created by me? If yes, please mention the course name. I will help you further.
Kunal Nauriyal
4 months ago
yaa I have only watched the surface chemistry first 2 videos only
mam , thank you so much :) you made The Hindu very easy for us :) great work mam , i would love it if you start the editorial.short notes also :)
Arpita Sharma
2 years ago
Thankyou sir :)
Arpita Sharma
2 years ago
will try to soon :)
thanku so much ma'am , just one word for you "fabulous".
Arpita Sharma
2 years ago
Thankyou sir :)

  2. ABOUT MYSELF -My name is Arpita Sharma I have done my graduation from Jesus and Mary College - Attempted CSE Prelims 2017 Preparing for bank PO exams as well Hobbies are singing, reading and dancing Here to share my knowledge with all other aspirants -

  3. 24th AUGUST 2017,THURSDAY Ashoani Lohanenew Railway Boasnd ChaurmanFollowing the susianation ot A.K MitalTran DerailmentKaijiat Escpvesc in Avoata Disrict ur l 8th loonld Renewable Enangy Technology Conaness in 8 NITI sess in Neo Delui 3 day Contesanc Neuo Delli 3 d Aaga launchsd Mentor India Cannaignstraseic tion Gruitaine initiativeto than qoo "AtaQ Thinking Lars __ estatusid as a rar g the Innovahonnussion. IT Aajogful Form lational mstituion for Transformi yBanon lig uos ale usittu n a distance rsoon along National and stare does not exctind to thu Municinal aneasNunicipal aseas aue ecempt om Sc bans Unien Catinetapproued a haoposalto set- up a com is at roh t s tandafere iem nat eec in stee origation oe in statk Gov. Jols a) Has to examine t reseuvation (r) work our the mechanism, cauteuia and hagamekas (Actval menenvation-277) Bb remouing any rehsesentah cadegomisaion T Ticky bringing ordus to the Central ir on osc: ly In (332 Sc had in a judgemant giun san recommun daskion remouing any rehe ailing fir oec to 8 lakh pa bninging erdan to the Centra ust noueno ed the "creamy late,' 1n/q92 SC had in a judgement-aun savui ye commendation--"not a nouou adisha CM Naveen Patnoik-launcheda rid-eonnectedl roottop solao ,- / through met meresung tem __ for adding nonew able capbcit through peopu's pasuh ci reduct Pouer ldeses-veduced Gri

  4. Cabinet approved -setting of the commission-to report on the inegualitues within castes listed as OBCs-on Central list Find out scientific ways of sub- categorising the most backward among them Sub-Quotas-for most backward castes wirhin OBCs. e . The most backward OBC groups will compete among themselves e states have already sub categorised OBCs:Andhra Pradesh, Telangana,Puducherry,Karnataka,HH aryana.Jharkhand Bengal,Bihar,Maharashtra,Tamil Nadu. al experiment: Amit Shah with jubilant party workers after winning the 2017 Uttar Pradesh Assembly election, which a , West

  5. 1. An attempt by the government to reach out to the most backward classes among the OBCs. 2. Government and the ruling party-an opportunity-to carve out -new political constituency. Example-in UP ,the BJP had reached out to less significant OBC castes such as Maurya,iodh,Rajbhar-which proved successful in breaking Yadav- led OBC consolidation. POLITICAL IMPLICATION 3.

  6. Yes! OBCs Quota at centre cannot exceed the present 27%,so whatever will be carved out as a sub-category can come only from within this 27% quota pie,thus reducing the number of seats available for better off OBCs. Any Castes or Groups adversely affected?

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