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22nd September 2017:The Hindu SHN
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Arpita Sharma
2+ years of teaching experience in UPSC Category.

Unacademy user
This is very good technique to remember these kind of words.. This will help many aspirant... Thank u very much mam
Nice course ma'am
Arpita Sharma
2 years ago
thankyou Mr Rana :)
  1. THE HINDU SHOR HANDY NOTES Arpita Sharma- Unacademy Educat

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  4. Pancha Siddhantika ,a work of Varahamihira,deals with- a)Geographical domains of india b)Astronomical System c)Occult and Mysticism d)Principles of social living

  5. News to be covered today: 1. Women's Bill in LS,says Sonia:Page 10 2. Co-ops should help farmers double income:Page10 3. Rohingya are illegal immigrants:Rajnath-Page 1 4. Green nod for Kaleshwaram segment Page 5 5. Bihar unveils ecotourism plan for tiger reserve:Page6 6. Editorial1.Solving the Afghan riddle:Page 8 7. Sushma slams Pak.over terror funding Page10 8. Navy takes delivery of SCORPENE Submarine:Page10 9. Trump signs new sanctions:Page 12

  6. Pass women's Bill in Lok Sabha,says Sonia:Page 1 and 10 Congress chief Sonia Gandhi has written to Prime Minister Modi,urging him to get the long-pending Women's Reservation Bill passed in the Lok Sabha WOMEN'S RESERVATION BILLITHE CONSTITUTION 108TH AMENDMENT)BILL,2018] Commonly known as the Women's Reservation Bill.seeks to reserve 1/3rd of all seats for women in Lok sabha and State Legislative Assemblies Introduced by UPA-l government in May also provides that 1/3rd of total number of seats reserved for SC's and ST's shall be reserved for women of those groups.

  7. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE BILL: 1. The constitution(108th Amendment)Bil, 2008 seeks to reserve 1/3rd seats 2. The allocation of reserved seats shall be determined by such authority as 3. 1/3rd of total number of seats reserved for SC and ST shall be reserved for 4. Reserved seats may be allotted by rotation to diff. constituencies in the 5. Reservation of seats for women shall cease to exist 15 years after the for women in Lok Sabha and State Legislative assemblies. prescribed by Parliament. women of those groups in LS and the legislative asseblies. state or UT. commencement of this Amendment Act.

  8. Co-ops should help farmers double imcome:Page1 and 10 Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked cooperatives to come up with innovative ideas related to business to help farmers double their income by 2022. - At the birth centenary of Maharashtra based cooperative leader Laxman Madhav Rao Inamdar, he addressed cooperatives in New Delhi He asked cooperatives to venture into new business areas like- Beekeeping Seaweed Farming,Neem Oil Production,Pharmaceutical sector etc... He asked them to venture into new areas

  9. Rohingya are illegal immigrants:Rajnath(Page1 and 11) Home Minister Rajnath singh said that Rohingya Muslims are illegal immigrants and not refugees who had applied for asylum in India Mr Singh said that human rights of our own people should be put before talking about the human rights of people from other countries.The Rohingya are not refugee because there is a process of getting a refugee status and none of them have followed this procedure No Rohingya has received asylum in India nor has anyone applied for it.They are illegal immigrants -Rajnath singh said According to him India would not be violating any international law if it deports the Eohingya as it is not a signatory to the UN's 1951 Refuge s Convention The Non-refoulement principle is applicable to those who take asykum in India and these people have not applied to it. However,India had provided humanitarian aid to Rohingya living in Bangladesh

  10. Green Nod to Kaleshwaram segment:Pageb The union ministry of environment,forest and climate change has granted the 2nd stage forest clearance for the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme(not the Kaleshwaram Irrigation Project). This scheme intends to irrigate 45,742 acres land in Manthani constituency of Jayashankar-Bhupalapally district. This scheme is also called Kannepalli Lift Irrigation Scheme-will ift 4.5TMCft water from the Godavari and fill 14 minor irrigation tanks in Mahadevpur mandal.

  11. Cabinet to soon take up $ convention centre project Note on approval, SPV formation to be considered ARUN S NEW DELHI billion Delhi Mumbai Indus- The project became ne The Union Cabint wll soon ject, it would be developed integrated world class facil trial Corridor (DMIC) pro- cessary as "India lacked an quirements of global ECC : portation linkages," the take up the proposal for a on Public-Private Partner ty that can meet the re- ship model using viability $5 billion-worth world-class on-cum-Convention Centre rquired (ECC) in the national capital and state oftheart Exhibi gap funding of the Centre, if operators in terms of space project facilities and trans "The SPV will be a 100% billed as the largest such subsidiary of DMIC Develop Centre had said. facility in Asia when com ment Corporation," the pleted by 2021. sources said. MICE market By this month-end, the The SPV will be given Though the size of the globalj Cabinet will consider for dis the rights to activities, in Meetings, Incentives, Con- cussion a "note on approva cluding sub-leasing of land ferences, Exhibitions (MICE) of the project and formation parcels, sub-contracting market is about $280 billion of a Special Purpose Vehicle project components, gran and that of Asian MICE mar- (SPV) to implement the ing long term concessions to ket about $60 billion, India did not benefit due to lack of same," official sources told The Hindu. Part of the S100 private developers as well as fixing lease rentals. m Sa world class ECCs, it said